Joint pain? Drink this…

Joint pain? Drink this…Aches and pains are somewhat of a normal occurrence the older we become, whether it is due to joint overuse or arthritis. With the onset of pain, many of us simply take some anti-inflammatory medications a few times a day, which allows us to carry on.

Unfortunately though, there is growing evidence that long-term use of such medication can be quite harmful to the body. So instead of popping pills every four to six hours, try this natural, alternative remedy in order to experience relief from aching joints.

Green tea helps improve joint pain


Green tea continues to rise in popularity as its list of benefits keeps growing. From aiding in weight loss to protecting the heart, there are numerous reasons to consume green tea daily. New research has shown that green tea may even help alleviate joint pain and pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, thanks to the compounds found in this ancient beverage.

Lead researcher Salahuddin Ahmed said, “Existing drugs for rheumatoid arthritis are expensive, immunosuppressive, and sometimes unsuitable for long-term use.” The researchers explored an anti-inflammatory molecule known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) commonly found in green tea. The researchers found that EGCG was effective in blocking the impact of rheumatoid arthritis without blocking cellular function. Ahmed added, “This study has opened the field of research into using EGCG for targeting TAK1 — an important signaling protein — through which pro-inflammatory cytokines transmit their signals to cause inflammation and tissue destruction in rheumatoid arthritis.”

Findings were confirmed in mice models with human rheumatoid arthritis. The ankles of the mice were severely swollen and so the animals were given EGCG. Swelling was dramatically reduced after 10 days.

Other tips to reduce joint pain

Aside from drinking green tea for its anti-inflammatory benefits, there are other natural ways you can improve joint pain:

  • Lose weight – added pressure onto joints can lead to more pain
  • Exercise more
  • Use hot and cold packs
  • Try acupuncture
  • Try meditation
  • Include fatty acids into your diet
  • Get massages

If you can’t quite get pain relief, speak with your doctor about alternative treatments and therapies you may benefit from.


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