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What your lack of energy is really a sign of…

lack-of-energy-symptomsBy now you may have noticed you simply don’t have the same get-up-and-go like you once had in your youth. In fact, you’re probably yawning just reading this (it’s OK, I won’t take offense!)…

Lack of energy is something that seems to plague us all as we become busier with our lives. But there is a fine line … Read More

Home remedies for Alzheimer’s disease

home-remedies-for-alzheimers-diseaseWe like to think with age comes wisdom and life experience, and so many things to pass on to the generations to come. All this is true and worth enjoying. But age does bring its challenges, too, along with a body that’s weathered the years, the stress, and the toxins we’ve absorbed from our food and environment.

The … Read More

How to get rid of ear infections

ear-infection-remediesOf all the aches and pains we can develop over our lifetime, an ear infection surely is up there. It starts deep in the ear causing unbearable pain and you just want it to go away as fast as it came.

But how did it develop? Often, we do not know the real reason as to why we … Read More

7 Workouts for stronger, healthier bones

workout-for-strong-and-healthy-bonesOur bones are our body’s foundation. But as we age, they can become weak and prone to breaking. There are numerous ways to keep bones healthy, like taking in the right nutrients, eating a balanced diet and avoiding injury.

Bone health and age

As we age, we slowly start to lose bone density. If we lose too much … Read More

Know the causes and symptoms of binge eating disorder

binge-eating-disordersWe’ve all been tempted by second helpings of a favorite dish, or head to the buffet spread at a restaurant for the third time – you want to get your money’s worth and try everything, right? But what if you felt compelled to wolf down plateful after plateful of food? A dozen donuts or a full bag of … Read More

7 Ways to boost testosterone levels naturally

natural-ways-to-increase-testosterone-levelsTestosterone is that well known hormone that is closely connected to muscle mass, sexual function and, yes, hair growth. We often associate it only with men, but women produce this hormone as well. It’s a key hormone in our bodies, and that’s why information on how to increase testosterone is worth becoming familiar with.

While most men have normal … Read More

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