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Power up: Drink coffee before your workout

drink-coffee-for-workout-performanceWho doesn’t enjoy their morning cup of coffee to start their day? America’s favorite beverage can do a lot for quick energy and alertness. It’s a stimulant that fires up your brain connections. There’s more. If you’ve wondered, does coffee increase performance?
Exercise pros are touting the benefits of drinking coffee before a workout. So are we – … Read More

Debunked: 7 eyesight myths you need to stop believing

eyesight myths you need to stop believingWhen it comes to keeping ourselves in good health, we’re given a lot of advice. Depending on where you get the advice from, a lot of it can be false. It can make it hard to tell fact from fiction when it comes to advice – because we start to believe it, the more we hear it. As this advice gets passed down through generations, it becomes more and more “factual” over time.

As a doctor, I give advice to my patients. And in return get an opportunity to hear … Read More

Natural remedies for digestion problems

natural-remedies-for-digestive-problemsI’ll start this article on digestion with a quote from the famous French epicure and gastronome, Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin:

“Those who give themselves indigestion or get drunk, do not know how to eat or drink.”

While such blunt criticism might not be well received in today’s world, there is merit in what the great man said. The sad truth … Read More

Hypertension linked to poor sleep

Sleepless nights and blood pressureWhen it comes to high blood pressure – or hypertension – there are many factors that come into play: Diet, weight, smoking and alcohol use can all be attributed to your rising blood pressure. But does lack of sleep increase hypertension? In fact, it does. Getting a good night’s rest not only determines your energy level the next … Read More

Avoid these 4 foods for a healthy liver

foods to avoid for healthy liverThe common belief is that if you drink too much alcohol you could end up with liver disease. But with the rise of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) – 20 percent of the American population has it, according to estimates – other reasons for liver disease are making headlines.

Even though a person may never have had a … Read More

Surprising causes of high blood pressure

Blood pressure TreatmentHow healthy is your blood pressure? And exactly what causes high blood pressure, anyway? It rises with each and every heartbeat and then falls as your heart relaxes between beats. It can change from minute to minute with exercise, stress, sleep, even your posture.


The important thing is, you want to keep it in the healthy … Read More

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