MERS deaths threaten to put a shroud over the Hajj in Saudi Arabia
Just as pickpockets see opportunity when people throng, so does disease. The latest act in this truism is being played out in Saudi Arabia where Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has been stalking participants of the annual Hajj pilgrimage. The…
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Scientists find the link between neuroticism and creativity
To be a creative person, does one have to be a bit neurotic? And by the same logic, do all neurotics have a creative streak in them? Take Nikola Tesla for example; despite numerous neurotic symptoms, he was a genius.…
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Hereditary colorectal cancer: Detection of genetic mutations now improved
New research suggests strategies to overcome technological limitations to more accurately detect PMS2 – a genetic mutation which plays a role in Lynch syndrome which can lead to colorectal cancer (more commonly known as colon cancer). This can help better…
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Late-life dementia sufferers unaware of memory loss
Researchers of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago have uncovered that individuals with dementia are unaware that their memory is fading. Additionally, this lack of awareness can begin to occur up to three-years prior to diagnosis. Dementia is a condition…
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Link between low vitamin D gene and multiple sclerosis found
Research has uncovered a link between having low vitamin D and the development of multiple sclerosis. Sometimes called the ‘sunshine vitamin’ because most people get their daily vitamin D from exposing their skin to the sun. It seems only logical…
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