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Get to know the different types of schizophrenia

types-of-schizophreniaAlthough mental illness issues are becoming more openly talked about, there is still a heavy stigma that surrounds them. As news media portrays criminals as having some mental disorder, society associates mental illness with people who are harmful and dangerous. Learning more about mental illness is a sure way to begin to eliminate the stigma.

One mental illness … Read More

10 Effective natural painkillers that may surprise you!

Painnatural-cure-for-pain affects all of us at some point, but it seems the older we get the more pain we experience. Sure it’s easy to take a pill to combat this pain, but throughout the day you may be topping up to six pills! The damage these can do to your body isn’t good, so finding effective, natural painkillers … Read More

5 Fixes for memory loss

improve-memory-naturallyDo you remember your child’s second birthday? How about what you ate last week? If your memory is starting to fog, don’t hit the panic button! It’s not too late to give it a boost. In fact, there are many different things you can do every day to improve your memory.

With memory being so precious, wouldn’t … Read More

Best natural home remedies for ulcers

natural-remedies-of-UlcerFrequent stomach upset and nausea? Could be a stomach ulcer, also known as a peptic ulcer –those open sores that can develop in the lining of your esophagus, stomach or small intestine. How to get rid of ulcers or find ulcer pain relief? You first need to pinpoint the cause and then consider some home remedies for ulcers to help relieve your symptoms.

Popular belief may have you thinking that stress, spicy foods and alcohol are to blame. Although those can bring on stomach discomfort, most ulcers are caused … Read More

How to know if your liver function is deteriorating

liver-disease-symptomsHow many times have you said or maybe heard someone say, “My liver hurts,” or “My liver doesn’t feel well.” Probably never. That’s because unlike other ailments, like a cold, stomach flu or injury, our livers don’t send out direct signals of distress.

This is why it’s that much more important to recognize the subtle signs that your … Read More

Why depression takes a toll on your body

why-depression-takes-a-toll-on-your-bodyAs of 2012, one in 10 Americans has experienced bouts of depression. This number is estimated to increase by 20 percent each year. Sadly, though, up to 80 percent of these people are not receiving treatment for their depression, whether they are scared to ask for help or are not able to do so, factors are in … Read More

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