Your Sleep Position and Your Personality

sleep position reveals about your healthSleep. It is something that we all do, and it has a profound impact on our mental and physical health. How well you sleep can give you clues to how well you are doing in your daily life. For instance, sleep problems such insomnia can indicate that you are under too much stress and sleep apnea is often a sign that you need to lose weight.

Some researchers, such as Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, even believe that the position that you sleep in acts as a sort of “sleep-o-scope” and reveals pertinent information about your personality. Below is a list of sleep position and what it may reveal about your personality.

The Fetal Sleep Position


According to the sleep-o-scope, if you sleep in the fetal position you are a sensitive soul, (although you probably make every effort to project a tough exterior). You are likely shy when you first meet someone, and meeting strangers may cause you momentary stress. Luckily, it doesn’t take long for you to warm up and relax around new.

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The Back “Log” Sleep Position

If you prefer to lie on your back with your hands loosely by your side, in a position that resembles a log, you are social and easy going. You also yearn for popularity and tend to be trusting of strangers. You may be too trusting however, and can sometimes even be gullible. This position is also considered the ‘best’ with regards to your health because it does not put stress on your neck and back, nor does it cause wrinkles.

The Soldier Sleep Position

If you lie on your back with your arm pinned sternly to your side you are likely a quiet and reserved individual. You may be an overachiever and you set high standards for both yourself and for others, all of which can result in high stress levels. Unfortunately, this position may also lead to sleep problems such as snoring and insomnia, which can cause a tendency to be snappy, depressed and even antisocial.

The Yearner Sleep Position

If you sleep on your side with both of your arms out in front, you have a bit of a conflicting personality. You tend to have an open nature but at the same time, you are often suspicious and cynical. You also take forever to make a decision and once you do decide on something it is nearly impossible to change your mind.

The Freefall Sleep Position


If you prefer to lie on your stomach with your hands wrapped around your pillow and your head turned to the side, you may have a brash and unreserved nature. You are probably outgoing and bold but underneath your gregarious exterior, you are actually quite sensitive. It is likely tough for your to accept criticism and you may loathe extreme situations.  Unfortunately, this position places undue stress on your neck and back, however, on a more positive note, it enhances digestion, which is a big health benefit.

The Starfish Sleep Position

If you sleep on your back with your head turned to one side and both of your arms extended up around your pillow you probably make an excellent friend. You are a great listener, and you actually enjoy listening to, and helping out others. You excel in intimate or one-on-one situations and shy away from the limelight. Similar to the soldier position, the starfish can cause sleep problems, such as poor breathing and it can result in a poor night’s sleep. The sleep problems that the starfish can cause may overtime result in a hyperactive personality and unintentional rudeness.

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