The Worst Foods and Beverages for Your Blood Pressure

bp foodsDiet plays a big role in our blood pressure levels. It has the ability to make it skyrocket or bring it down to normal levels. It could make your doctor suspect you’re on the path to hypertension, or even cause them to diagnose you with high blood pressure. A doctor’s first recommendation is to change up your diet as a natural way to reduce your numbers.

But if you aren’t familiar with the foods and drinks that can trigger high blood pressure, then you could be putting yourself at risk for a serious cardiovascular outcome.


Here are the top foods and beverages that you should avoid to prevent high blood pressure.

Top Foods and Beverages That Raise Blood Pressure

1. Alcohol
2. Bacon
3. Bread
4. Canned pasta sauce
5. Cheese
6. Chinese food
7. Coffee
8. Deli meats
9. French fries
10. Frozen dinners
11. Hot dogs
12. Pretzels
13. Pickled vegetables
14. Pot pies
15. Pre-packaged noodles
16. Red meat
17. Refined sugars
18. Sauerkraut
19. Soda

The biggest culprit behind many of these foods that make them unhealthy is their sodium content. Sodium is an ingredient that can increase blood pressure because it causes water retention.

Although this list makes it seem like you can’t consume anything, you still can, as long as you are choosing healthier versions of these food options and consuming them in moderation.

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