Why you won’t have to suffer from these symptoms forever

menopause Whether you’re just starting menopause or are in it now, you know that it brings with it a slew of uncomfortable symptoms. From hot flashes to restless sleepless nights, menopause can feel like a life sentence. The good news is that these annoying symptoms may actually be temporary and not burden you forever.

The small American study found that menopause symptoms impact a woman’s life the most in her early to mid-50s. After the age of 60, women report improved quality of life and fewer symptoms including memory-related symptoms and physical symptoms.


Study author Dr. Carolyn Torkelson explained, “This study emphasizes the need for clinicians to initiate conversations with women about sexual health and psychosocial changes associated with aging. Women are living healthy, productive lives many years beyond menopause, thereby creating a demand for services that are unique to this population.”

Menopause is a naturally occurring part of every woman’s life and commonly begins in a woman’s 40s. At this point, the ovaries stop producing hormones, which is what triggers the unwanted symptoms.

The study examined responses to questionnaires completed by over 900 women who were part of a larger clinical trial. The average age of the women was 60.

Women younger than 55 were more likely to report symptoms related to menopause including night sweats and hot flashes compared to older women. Younger women also reported greater changes in sexual desire.

Older women were less likely to report emotional and physical symptoms related to menopause.


The study was small and did not include a racially diverse group of women, so additional research is required to determine whether or not similar findings would be seen among different types of women. On the other hand, the findings do suggest that menopause symptoms take a toll on a woman’s quality of life.

Although as a female you will have to experience symptoms related to menopause, the good news is that they won’t last forever. Furthermore, if symptoms are quite troublesome, you can always speak to your doctor about options you have to reduce the impact menopause symptoms have on your quality of life.

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