Why It’s so Important to Look at Your Urine

blood in urine prostate cancerIt may be routine to simply flush the toilet after urinating and not think twice, but urine can offer important insight into your health. Healthy urine is a pale-yellow color and signals you’re well hydrated. Dark yellow/brown urine means you’re dehydrated, and seeing red is a red flag.

Known as hematuria, blood in urine could be an early sign for prostate cancer, the most common type of cancer affecting men. Blood in urine could also be a sign of kidney stones, urinary tract infection, or bladder infection. In any case, when you see red in your urine, you should see your doctor.


Other symptoms that may accompany blood in urine include a burning sensation when urinating, frequent nighttime urination, or an urge to urinate– these can all result from prostate cancer.

Because these symptoms are also linked to other urinary tract issues, it’s important you see your doctor quickly to begin testing to determine the cause. In some cases, an enlarged prostate may be the culprit of your symptoms, which can be more easily treated and isn’t life-threatening, but only proper treatment can help you narrow in on a diagnosis.

More prostate cancer-related symptoms include pain in the hips or feet, painful ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

Your risk of prostate cancer is higher if you’re over the age of 50 or if you have a family history of prostate cancer. There is some evidence to suggest that being overweight or consuming a high calcium diet may increase the risk of prostate cancer as well.

When caught early, the prognosis for prostate cancer is well, with many patients living an additional 10 years post-diagnosis. This is why early detection is so crucial to improving health outcomes.

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