Know the Facts about Prostate Cancer

prostate cancer factsNovember was last month, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still important to be aware of prostate cancer. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths surrounding prostate cancer which could have some people believing the wrong information.

Here are some common myths about prostate cancer and the actual facts behind them.

Facts about Prostate Cancer


Prostate cancer only affects old men: Although the older a man gets, his risk of prostate cancer increases, there are cases of younger men being diagnosed with it. The average age of diagnosis is 67 years, and the aggressiveness of prostate cancer becomes worse in older age.

Prostate cancer should always be treated aggressively: This is a myth as nearly 40 percent of patients just diagnosed are considered low-risk, so treating a low-risk patient aggressively can do more harm than good. A low-risk patient can be monitored and require far less treatment than a high-risk patient. Picking the right treatment can help benefit a man’s quality of life.

PSA testing isn’t necessary: Some men wait for symptoms to arise before seeing a doctor, but early detection is done through PSA testing. By the time you experience symptoms, cancer may become more aggressive and severe. If prostate cancer is detected early, you reduce your risk of complications and a higher success of effective treatment. It is often advised to undergo PSA testing at 50, but if prostate cancer runs in the family, your doctor may advise you get tested earlier.

You can’t prevent prostate cancer: It is true that prostate cancer is a disease that comes with age, and because we can’t control aging, there isn’t that much we can do to prevent prostate cancer. Furthermore, because the cause of prostate cancer isn’t well understood, it’s difficult to determine its triggers to avoid. Overall, it is still important that you do what you can to maintain good overall health by eating well, exercising, and partaking in other good-health practices.

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