Weekly health news: Vascular dementia, essential oils for diarrhea, pulled back muscle, alcoholic cardiomyopathy

Weekly health newsFor this weekly health news roundup, we’ve got a bunch of excellent articles that you’ll definitely not want to miss. We have information on the stages of vascular dementia and the life expectancy stroke patients can expect, as well as the best essential oils for diarrhea. If you have a pulled upper back muscle, you’re in luck, we have all of the information you need to know about that too. Lastly, there are some informative topics on acute angle closure glaucoma and vascular dementia life expectancy.

Stages of vascular dementia and life expectancy of stroke dementia patients

Vascular dementia is a term used to characterize thought processes caused by some sort of brain damage. Here we look specifically at stages of vascular dementia and life expectancy of stroke dementia patients.


Vascular dementia means that someone has problems with reasoning, planning, judgment, and memory related to brain damage from impaired blood flow to the brain. A person can develop vascular dementia following a stroke. Stroke can block an artery in the brain. There are other conditions that damage blood vessels that can deprive the brain of important oxygen and nutrients though. Research seems to suggest that about 10 percent of dementia sufferers are stroke dementia patients. Continue reading…

14 essential oils for diarrhea and various ways to use them

The use of essential oils for diarrhea can be a viable choice for those looking for a natural remedy to manage their gastrointestinal symptoms. Diarrhea is defined as having frequent watery bowel movements that are often an inconvenience in people’s lives, with most seeking a speedy resolution to this uncomfortable problem.

Everyone has experience diarrhea at some point in their lives, and they know that loose stools are only part of it. Most diarrhea cases are often accompanied by abdominal cramping and nausea, for which the right essential oils can mitigate. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all cases of diarrhea should be treated in this manner, with some requiring prompt medical treatment. Continue reading…
pulled-upper-back-muscle (1)

Pulled upper back muscle: Causes, symptoms, treatment, and exercises

Suffering from a pulled upper back muscle can be an agonizing experience. These types of back injuries often occur due to a sudden or unexpected movement of the upper body, especially when lifting heavy weights without stretching.

Medical professionals and health care experts believe that pulled upper back muscles occur due to the gradual tightening of muscles as a result of overuse. This can lead to persistent muscle spasms that can compromise blood circulation and cause eventual muscle weakness.

In this article, we will discuss how to treat a pulled upper back muscle as well as what the most common causes for its development are. Continue reading…

Acute angle closure glaucoma: Causes, symptoms, and treatmentAcute angle closure glaucoma: Causes

Acute angle-closure glaucoma is an emergency situation that requires immediate treatment. Quick recognition of the condition and immediate intervention can have a significant impact on patient outcomes and the progression of the disease.

Primary angle closure, primary angle-closure glaucoma, acute angle closure, and acute angle-closure glaucoma are often used interchangeably. However, the literature on the condition has been plagued by the lack of a uniform definition and specific diagnostic criteria.


Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness if left untreated, and despite receiving treatment, about 10 percent will still lose their vision. Currently, there isn’t a cure for glaucoma, with treatment methods being focused on slowing its progression and controlling symptoms. Continue reading…

life expectancy of someone with alcoholic cardiomyopathyWhat is the life expectancy of someone with alcoholic cardiomyopathy? Causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

Research shows that alcohol is the most frequently consumed toxic substance, but when it is abused, it can cause a host of health problems, including alcoholic cardiomyopathy.

Just what is alcoholic cardiomyopathy? Well, it is a form of heart disease that occurs due to long-term alcohol abuse. Doctors have known for a long time that abusing alcohol for a long period of time can weaken and thin the heart muscles, which can impact the heart’s ability to pump blood. This inefficient pumping of blood can impact all your body’s vital functions and lead to life-threatening heart issues. Continue reading…


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