Weekly health news: Exercises for knee arthritis, constipation, scleral icterus, and how to lower creatinine levels

16 best exercises to overcome arthritic knee problemsIt has been another informative week in the world of health news. With the weather getting warmer, chances are you’ll be spending more time outdoors. So, we’ve provided you with an article on the best exercises for knee arthritis to keep you active. To keep you on your feet and feeling healthy, we’ve also included the reasons why you are experiencing bloating and constipation. To help round off an amazing week, we’ve also given you the information you need to recognize scleral icterus and how to lower your creatinine levels.

16 best exercises to overcome arthritic knee problems

Arthritis is a term used to describe a disorder that affects joints, leading to symptoms of joint pain and stiffness. Other symptoms may also be present, such as redness, warmth, swelling, and a decreased range of motion.
The knee is a joint that we rely on every day to walk and move around, and several types of arthritis affect it. The most common type is osteoarthritis (OA), which is progressive in nature due to the wearing out of joint cartilage. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is another condition affecting the knee and is caused by excessive inflammation. A knee injury could lead to the destruction of parts in the knee itself, and it’s possible for an injury to cause post-traumatic knee arthritis. Continue reading…

7 reasons for your bloating, gas, and constipation7 reasons for your bloating, gas, and constipation


Do you suffer from bloating, gas, constipation, or diarrhea? If you do, you’re not alone. Many adults find that their stomachs and digestive systems as a whole just aren’t what they used to be. This leaves them feeling uncomfortable and sluggish.

Although digestive problems can be caused by an illness, in many cases, it’s our lifestyle that contributes to bloating, gas, and changes in bowel movements. The following seven causes of digestive woes may help you regain control of your digestive system. Continue reading…

Scleral icterus, a symptom of liver disease? Causes, symptoms, and treatment optionsScleral icterus, a symptom of liver disease? Causes, symptoms, and treatment options

Scleral icterus is a disorder that is characterized by yellowing of the part of the eyes that is normally white. This condition can be indicative of a dysfunctional liver. In general, when a person presents with yellow eyes, the first thing that comes to mind is a problem with the liver, such as liver disease.

Scleral icterus can be commonly seen in newborn babies, but in this case, it is usually due to the fact that their livers are still immature. Cases of scleral icterus require serious testing for liver enzymes to identify potential long-term problems. Continue reading…

Post-heart attack patients not sticking to recommended physical activity plans: StudyPost-heart attack patients not sticking to recommended physical activity plans: Study

Suffering a heart attack often leads one to reevaluate their entire lives and rethink prior unhealthy habits, at least until the initial shock wears off. This is the general consensus, according to a new study regarding heart attack survivors and their lack of commitment to keeping up with their prescribed exercise regimens.

Heart attacks are the result of blocked blood flow to the heart. This is most often due to fat, cholesterol, and other substances that lead to the development of plaque in the arteries supplying the heart with blood. When blood flow is impeded in any way, a heart attack is likely to occur.
Heart attacks mainly occur due to an unhealthy diet coupled with a lack of exercise and bad habits like smoking. Continue reading…

How to lower creatinine level naturallyHow to lower creatinine level naturally: Home remedies, diet, herbs, and yoga


Creatinine is a chemical waste product produced by your muscles and excreted through the kidneys. Creatinine is a product of creatine metabolism, and roughly two percent of creatine in our bodies is converted to creatinine every day.

Creatinine levels remain relatively consistent if little to no changes occur in our muscle mass. In fact, creatinine levels are a good way to measure kidney functioning.

Knowing what factors lead to high creatine levels is important when discussing how to lower creatinine levels quickly. These factors include the following: Continue reading…


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