6 Ways Your Digestion Affects Your Overall Health

digestion problemsIf you’re suffering from bloating, cramping, constipation, or diarrhea, you probably believe you have a digestion problem. But the human body is all connected so you don’t just have a digestion problem, in fact, your digestion can affect other areas of your health.

Here are six ways that poor digestion and digestion problems can affect other areas of your health.

6 Ways Digestion Affects Your Health


Poor mood: An upset stomach can leave you feeling quite upset, too. Poor digestion can trigger irritability, low energy, and reduce overall happiness. There have been several studies to link gastrointestinal problems with psychological problems.

Poor skin: Inflammation triggered by food can show up on your face. Furthermore, certain food intolerances can trigger breakouts and skin lesions.

Poor self-confidence: When you’re battling stomach woes, you don’t feel like your confident self because you are too concerned with what’s going on inside your gut.

Poor joints: Having an undiagnosed autoimmune disease can lead to poor joints because you consume foods which can trigger inflammation, thus worsening the autoimmune disease, which can wreak havoc on your joints. If you have been battling joint pain with little to no explanation, it could be an underlying autoimmune disease.

Fear of food: If you don’t know what is causing your stomach issues, it can cause you to become fearful of consuming food as it may trigger symptoms. Avoiding foods can be problematic because it can lead to weight loss and malnutrition. It’s important to uncover the exact triggers of your gastrointestinal symptoms as to not put your health at risk.


Poor immunity: Most of your immune system is located in your gut and if the balance in your gut is off then you have an easier chance of becoming ill.

If you’ve been battling digestive issues for quite some time with little to no relief then it’s important you speak to your doctor as to not hurt other areas of health as well.

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