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Selection of good fat saurcesSleep is an integral part to day-long energy, but food is just as important to feeling energized. If you’re struggling to get through the day because all you can think about is napping, you may want to take a closer look at your diet. Perhaps, you’re just not getting enough of energy-boosting foods.

Below you will find the top 10 foods that promote energy to keep you awake throughout the day.

10 foods that make you feel less tired


Oats: Oats help stabilize blood sugar, preventing spiking and dropping levels that lead to fatigue.

Salmon: Offering a high dose of protein, salmon helps boost the metabolism and promote energy.

Almonds: Almonds contain magnesium which converts sugar into energy. And they are rich in fiber, a good source of sustainable energy.

Avocado: Avocados are packed with essential fatty acids known to prevent inflammation. Why is it important? Inflammation can trigger illness which, in turn, causes fatigue.

Lentils: Fiber in lentils stabilizes blood sugar levels, while selenium is a mood booster.

Goji berries: These berries are thought to be effective for improving blood flow and alertness.

Kale: Kale contains antioxidants, protein, and fiber which all help to promote energy and alertness.

Turkey: Even though you feel tired after eating turkey on Thanksgiving, the culprit is not the turkey itself, but rather eating too much carbs with it. Turkey contains amino acids and vitamins which promote alertness.

Blueberries: Blueberries are loaded with powerful antioxidants that fight free radical damage.

Quinoa: Quinoa is a great plant-based source of protein which is essential for muscle repair and energy.

Foods that make you tired

Now that you know which foods to eat if you want to stay awake, here are the foods you should limit or avoid if you want to promote energy.

Bananas: Bananas work as a muscle relaxant so eating them during the day may make you feel tired. However, eating bananas before bed helps promote good sleep.

White bread: Processed bread is broken down quickly so it causes your blood sugar to spike and drop drastically, as a result.

Red meat: The high fat content found in red meat can leave you feeling groggy.

Cherries: Cherries are high in melatonin, meaning, they are great as a sleep aid, but not a great energy-boosting snack for the day.

Candy or sugar-loaded snacks: Once again, sugary foods cause your own sugar levels to spike and crash, leaving you tired.


Coffee: Although coffee initially promotes energy, once the caffeine wears off you are left feeling tired again. And if you put sugar in your coffee this can lead to a crash.

Knowing which foods to eat for energy can have you feeling more alert throughout the day instead of counting down until your next nap.

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