This Common Food Ingredient is Making You Dumb

The medical conditions of diabetes and obesity are collectively known as metabolic syndrome, and this is characterized by high caloric intake from specific food items.  For years, high caloric diets have been discouraged in order to achieve good natural health, with the notion that the excessive amounts it would only accumulate in the muscles, liver, and the fatty tissues of the body. What is it? Sugar.

What This Means For Natural Health


A recent research report published in the Journal of Physiology has shown that excessive sugar molecules associated with metabolic syndrome may also accumulate in the brain, possibly disrupting mental activities such as memory, cognition, and learning.  According to the study led by Dr’s. Agrawal and Gomez-Pinilla, experimental rats fed on a high fructose diet showed a loss of memory on how to travel through a maze which was earlier learned while being fed on a natural health diet.  It thus appears that increasing the sugar level in the daily diet may affect brain activities and that in order to achieve good natural health, it is essential to consume foods that make you smarter.

For decades, health groups and physicians have campaigned for choosing foods that make smarter and healthier, such as fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibers, vitamins, and minerals.  These food items can enhance the biochemical activities that are essential in achieving natural health, but also improve the capacity of the body to prevent medical disorders and infections.  The foods that make you smarter contain vitamins and minerals that catalyze enzyme reactions that are helpful in brain activities.  Other foods that make you smarter include meats and other protein-rich food items, which contain essential amino acids to comprise various enzymes and structural molecules in the body.

The revolutionary report of Drs. Agrawal and Gomez-Pinilla showed that poor natural health associated with insulin resistance or the inability to degrade sugar molecules does not only involve the muscular and fatty tissues of the body.  On the basis of the results of their investigation using rats fed on high fructose diets, their study showed that insulin resistance also occurs in the brain, resulting in various effects in learning, memory, and information processing.   This research study thus stresses the importance of choosing foods that make you smarter and promote good natural health, which mainly points to low-sugar food items.

It is quite understandable that following a regular natural health diet that includes foods that make you smarter can be challenging and sometimes— impossible.  The more popular diets are those comprised of fast food or processed items, always ready for purchase at the store and ready to eat as soon as these are purchased.  These food items may be very convenient for those leading a hectic schedule but these are also least likely good for natural health or consist of foods that make you smarter.  For example, a sugar-rich drink such as the regular soda may solve the low sugar levels associated with a long, tiring day and thus it may temporarily replenish the low sugar levels in the body but drinking the same beverage several times a day for an extensive period of time may definitely not help an individual in improving one’s natural health.  The excessive sugar present in these beverages is technically not included in the list of foods that make you smarter.

Are There Really Any Foods That Make You Smarter?

Is there a way to improve one’s natural health?  Definitely yes and this will be through the inclusion of fruits and vegetables, which are considered as major foods that make you smarter.  More importantly, consumption of foods that you make you smarter may also decrease the risk of developing diabetes and obesity, components of the metabolic syndrome that currently afflicts millions of people around the world.