The New Phenomenon for Your Teeth

Your TeethCoQ10 is a naturally occurring compound which is a powerful antioxidant, and it plays an essential role in cellular energy production. It is commonly used as a treatment to combat symptoms related to statin drugs, which prevent the body from producing CoQ10 and can lead to muscle weakness.

Supplementation with CoQ10 is traditionally associated with supporting cardiovascular health, and combating free radical damage. Though, it has been used as a treatment in a wide range of other conditions.

The possible uses for CoQ10 are incredibly diverse. Research indicates that CoQ10 can support your gums, and potentially fight tooth decay. How can a compound which is normally used to support heart health be able to benefit your teeth and gum? Simply put, CoQ10 is found in almost every living cell in the human body, including the gums. It is essential for cells to function. Clinical research has shown that individuals that have gum disease have a CoQ10 deficiency in their gums.

Gum (periodontal) disease affects many adults in North America and is caused by bacteria which live in the mouth. The symptoms of gum disease range inflammation of the gums, to serious bone and soft tissue damage which results in the loss of teeth. Treatment varies, but the main goal is to control the infection which is causing the inflammation of the gum.

Two recent studies have been conducted to examine the viability of CoQ10 as a treatment for gum disease. The first study published in 2007 involved 30 individuals, and lasted two months. Tooth decay and gum health was examined at the beginning and end of the study.   Those who received CoQ10 treatment had their gums bleed less while brushing, regain color, and patients also noticed a decrease in pain and itching in their gums. Also, pockets in the gums caused by bacteria shallowed by 30% over the course of the study.

The second study involved adding CoQ10 to toothpaste to see if it improved treatment using toothpaste alone. Compared to the control (the same toothpaste without the CoQ10), CoQ10 doubled the effectiveness of the toothpaste. 66.6% of those receiving the CoQ10/Toothpaste treatment noticed a significant improvement in the health of their gums.  These studies build upon past research which also indicates that CoQ10 may improve gum health and help fight tooth decay in those with gingivitis and periodontitis.

CoQ10 is a powerful compound essential for healthy living that has decades of research supporting it. It is more than just a powerful antioxidant fighting damage causing free radicals. CoQ10 supports a wide range of critical functions, and according to research may also help support oral health