The Natural Approach to Calming Stress and Anxiety

natural way to calm stress and anxietyAccording to an American survey 75 per cent of the general population feels a high level of stress every two weeks and over 50 per cent expressed concern about this level of anxiety. Stress is associated with lost work hours, relationship problems and health related issues. It seems we are all trying to cope with stress; we are all trying to find ways to calm our nerves, and a keen approach to natural health becomes of the utmost importance.

In recent years more research has shown that there are a number of effective alternative methods to calming your nerves, including the use of herbs. It is amazing how a few small leaves or an extract can alter your mood or help you relax, but scientists say nature really does have its place in attacking anxiety. This comes as good news to consumers who are seeking natural health solutions.

So What Are the Best Natural Health Remedies?


They are intricate looking, come in a myriad of colors and grow on vines. There are about 9 species of passionflowers just in the United States, but they also grow in South America, China and Australia. The flowers and leaves of the passionflower are said to have a somewhat sedating effects. Many people who suffer from insomnia caused by anxiety turn to passionflower for help. Other stress-related problems such as high blood pressure and headaches have also been treated with this herb.

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Although scientific evidence is limited, some research has shown that chamomile is effective in calming the nerves of people who have mild to moderate anxiety. The University of Pennsylvania conducted a study using chamomile extract verses chamomile-scented placebo and discovered that chamomile consumption had modest benefits. In addition to helping with stress, studies show chamomile tea can be effective in relieving the symptoms of the common cold and menstruation. Chamomile is one of the most popular herbal teas in North America. Some natural health stores have difficulty maintaining stock because if just flies off the shelves.

Exercise as a Natural Health Benefit

If more exercise based activities are more up your alley, many experts say there are a number of stretches and deep breathing techniques that could really help when it comes to the relief of stress and anxiety. Some experts recommend counting backwards from 100, or slowly inhaling and exhaling as an effective method of stress relief.

But no matter what, consumers will continue to demand a natural approach to addressing anxiety. There are a number of herbs that are currently under the microscope. Scientists say they are determined to find alternatives to conventional treatments for stress, as well as other ailments, and finding a way to do this, while keeping natural health remedies in mind is beginning to come to the forefront.

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