Liver health

Important: Your liver needs this!

Coffee is one of the world’s favorite beverages consumed by millions of people for many reasons. Not only is coffee a delicious drink, but for many of us it is the kick-start to our day. There is an extensive body of research in support of its health-boosting benefits. Studies have shown coffee can improve heart here to read more

Late HCV disease treatment causes severe liver damage in PWID

In people who inject drugs (PWID), late chronic HCV (hepatitis C virus) disease therapy can cause severe liver damage. Worldwide there is an estimated 12.7 million people who inject drugs. Hepatitis C virus is a blood-borne viral infection estimated to affect 160 million people worldwide. HCV can contribute to cirrhosis of the liver, and if left untreated chronic here to read more

Sedentary behavior contributes to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

New research suggests prolonged hours sitting can contribute to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) among middle-aged Koreans. Numerous studies have come out supporting the fact that sitting for long periods of time, or living a sedentary life, can contribute to many negative health effects. Sitting and chronic disease have largely been studied as of late, here to read more

Want a healthy liver? Avoid this…

We all know that alcohol is bad for our livers but we rarely take the opportunity to explore why. Overall, alcohol is bad for your body, but your liver gets hit first. Here’s what happens when alcohol sucker punches your liver. Why alcohol harms the liver Alcohol is made primarily from ethanol, which your liver here to read more

How to lower elevated liver enzymes

Our liver is an important organ that is responsible for many functions in the body. When it becomes damaged we begin to feel ill, but symptoms may often be confused with other illnesses. It’s important to keep our liver healthy as it is a powerhouse for good health. Elevated liver enzymes may indicate a problem here to read more

Detox your liver with these 6 foods

What performs 500 different functions, weighs about three pounds, can regenerate itself and ensure the body is toxic-free? Your liver! This highly important, but often overlooked organ is a powerhouse when it comes to the human body. With such a vital role, making sure it stays healthy will help put you on a path to here to read more