erectile dysfunction

Men and Their Fears of Aging

America values youth, beauty and strength. The chase for ageless perfection is strong so it should come as little surprise that many people fear aging. Men Worry About Aging, Too The term xenophobia essentially means fear of the unknown. As we make our way through life there are many unknowns. Psychologists say it is only here to read more

Male Menopause is No Joke

People joke about men having a mid-life crisis and going through menopause like women do, but it is no joke; male menopause is real. Doctors usually refer to it as androgen or testosterone decline. Male menopause occurs when the hormone testosterone declines with aging. It can also happen in conjunction with certain diseases like diabetes. here to read more

How Men Can Prevent This Embarrassing Problem

Erectile dysfunction is a male condition that is associated with the difficulty in achieving and/or maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse. This condition is very common, affecting 1 in every 5 adult men. Erectile dysfunction often causes mental stress in men because this can often result in extreme damage in their relationship with their sexual here to read more

Erectile Dysfunction or Something More?

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is defined as the inability to attain or to maintain an erection. ED is most commonly experienced by aging men; however there is a small population of young men who also suffer from this condition. ED can profoundly affect a man’s self-esteem and it can place undue strain on his relationships. here to read more