anxiety and bones

Surprising Cause of Weak Bones You Didn’t Know About

There are many different factors that can contribute to weak bones, such as being a female, old age, smoking, caffeine intake, low calcium, and certain medications. But you may want to add anxiety to that list.

The latest research findings suggest that anxiety can contribute to weak bones by depleting vitamin D levels. Previous studies found that anxiety, fatigue, and loneliness could contribute to lower bone density.

This is the first time a study revealed a link between women with anxiety and weak bones.

The Italian researchers uncovered that anxious women have a three percent higher risk of hip fractures and four percent higher risk of other fractures. Highly anxious women were found to have a higher risk of low bone density.

Psychologist Dr. Sagar Mandada explained, “Excess worry is perceived as distress by our body. Increased long-term stress causes unbalanced release of cortisol and has been associated with many changes in the body, especially bone and joint related problems. Stress impacts vitamin D levels as well.”

The researchers of the study suggest that anxious women are more likely to partake in unhealthy habits, which could contribute to weaker bones. Furthermore, stress hormones are higher among those with anxiety, which is also detrimental to bone health.

Not only should anxious people seek help for their anxiety to protect their bones, but they should also adhere to healthy lifestyle habits to protect their bones even further.

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