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People with Chronic Pain Due to Spinal Cord Injury Have More Risk of Mental Health Issues

A new study published in Spinal Cord has found that adults living with chronic pain due to spinal cord injury have an increased risk of developing mental health problems compared to people without the injury. These psychological issues include conditions such as depression and anxiety. The study by a Michigan Medicine team of researchers analyzed here to read more

Nutrients You Need for Healthy Bones

If you take a calcium supplement every day for bone health, you’re certainly doing something right. But if you think that’s all you need, then you could be in trouble. Several nutrients are important to bone health, and calcium is just one. But to do the best for your bones, you’ll want to be sure here to read more

If You Want Strong Bones, You Absolutely Need This

What do you need for strong bones? Of course, calcium and vitamin D are essential in building and maintaining bone mineral density. But you can’t draw the line there. To really optimize bone strength, you need something you can’t supplement: real muscle. You don’t need a ton of it, either. Being a jacked-up muscle-bound strong-person here to read more

Use Muscles to Stay Strong and Age Better

It’s almost a guarantee that your muscles will shrink and get weaker as you age. The process can actually begin relatively early, too. It’s possible that sarcopenia – age-related muscle loss – can begin at 35, at a rate of 1-2 percent per year. After 60, that can accelerate to 3 percent. Most people take here to read more

Don’t Let the Threat of Arthritis Hold You Back

For whatever reason, people tend to believe that using your body will eventually lead it into disrepair. But the opposite is true: using your body keeps your joints and the rest of you healthy. Jogging or walking, for example, are unlikely to increase the risk for knee arthritis. Running is indeed an expensive past-time — here to read more


People with Type II Diabetes and Hypertension Face an Increased Risk of Bone Fractures

New research has found that people living with type II diabetes and hypertension may face an increased risk of fractures in bones. However, an international team of researchers has discovered a potential bone therapy that could alleviate the problem one day. The collaborative effort between scientists explored whether hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) could help to here to read more

Your Favorite Chair Could Be Ruining Your Bones

Sitting down harms you. It’s strange to think that something so common could be so detrimental to your health, but study after study highlights the dangers of extended sitting. Whether it’s weight gain, poor heart health, mood troubles, or muscle atrophy, spending too much time on your keester can mess up your health. Sitting may here to read more

Air Pollution Is a Risk Factor for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a growing concern among older adults. Many known risk factors are associated with RA, but a new study published in the journal Rheumatology suggests a link between air pollution and the condition. For this study, researchers from the University of Verona, Italy, collected longitudinal data of patients affected by rheumatoid arthritis here to read more

The Food Group with Undeniable Benefits for Bones

Kids are often instructed to drink cow’s milk to develop strong muscles and healthy bones. Adults should be following the same advice—especially older ones. New research shows that the simple step of serving more dairy to people in nursing homes effectively lowers the rate of falls and fractures. People living in these settings often consume here to read more

What Can You Do About Your Knee Pain?

The knees, the knees. The knees may have little competition when it comes to the most at-risk joint. Ankles may be slightly more prone to injury, but they always seem way easier to deal with. Perhaps because sore knees hurt more, or the potential for surgery looms large. Even slight pain in the knees can here to read more

Go a Little Further to Treat Wrist Pain

I recently met with a friend and noticed a brace on his hand. I asked him what happened, and he let me know he was dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel affects millions of people in America each year, but doctors aren’t exactly sure what causes it. It’s likely a combination of genetic and here to read more

People with Osteoarthritis Need to Improve Their Sleep and Exercise to Reduce Pain

People with osteoarthritis can find pain relief in the right balance of sleep and exercise. For over 32 million Americans living with osteoarthritis pain, it’s vital to understand the lifestyle behaviors that can help reduce symptoms. Patients living with osteoarthritis are often told to exercise to help reduce pain, but it becomes a deterrent for here to read more