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Top calcium-rich foods for stronger bones (Hint: They aren’t dairy!)

Until now, you’ve been told that dairy is a great source of calcium, which is needed for strong bones. Unfortunately, many of us cannot eat dairy, either due to dietary intolerances, allergies, or even personal preference. So what are you supposed to do to keep your bones strong? Well, the good news is, there are plenty of non-dairy food items that are packed with calcium for you to enjoy.

If you’re concerned about your aging bones and want to keep them strong, opt for these non-dairy foods.

Non-dairy foods packed with calcium for strong bones

Food itemMg/serving
Bok choy79 mg per ½ cup
Beet greens82 mg per ½ cup
Almonds82 mg per one ounce
Pinto beans86 mg per ½ cup
Kale90 mg per ½ cup
White beans96 mg per ½ cup
Tahitian taro root102 mg per ½ cup
Cowpeas106 mg per ½ cup
Nopales122 mg per ½ cup
Spinach123 mg per ½ cup
Turnip greens125 mg per ½ cup
Edamame131 mg per ½ cup
Amaranth leaves138 mg per ½ cup
Mustard green142 mg per ½ cup
Collard greens188 mg per ½ cup
Tempeh184 mg per one cup
Stinging nettles214 mg per ½ cup
Sesame seeds273 mg per once ounce
Tofu861 mg per ½ cup


The best part about these food items is that you can combine many of them together in one dish to really boost your calcium levels.

If you’re looking for alternative ways to boost your calcium without the use of dairy, these leafy, nut, and bean varieties can very well help you get in your daily dose of calcium, which is 1,000 mg for men and 1,200 mg for women over the age of 50.


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