The surprising cause of your fatigue and how to fix it

adrenal fatigueDid you know low energy, tiredness, and fatigue are often primary symptoms of a slew of health conditions? This is why it’s so important to recognize other symptoms that may accompany your fatigue so you can narrow in on the exact cause.

If you’re fatigued and also experience weight loss or weight gain, body aches, low blood pressure, salt or sugar cravings, dizziness, muscle pain, and low libido, then the cause of your fatigue could be adrenal.


Adrenal fatigue is on the rise as many of us are living with chronic stress. Furthermore, the more we neglect ourselves, the worse this condition can get, causing us to feel more and more fatigued.

But there is something you can do to stop feeling so tired. Here are some of the best tips you can adopt to begin feeling less fatigued right away.

Tips to feel less fatigued

Understand your physical limits: Over-exercising can contribute to adrenal fatigue. Although exercise is important to good health, overdoing it is harmful. You may think pushing yourself is a good way to get results and remain healthy, but in turn, you are doing more harm than good. Try decreasing your physical exertion or take a rest day if you aren’t currently taking one as a means of improving your energy levels.

Get tested: There are tests you can do to determine the health of your adrenals. Further testing is also looking at your gut health, because there is a connection between the gut and brain health. These tests can also reveal other underlying medical conditions, which could be contributing to fatigue.


Change your diet: What we eat can play a big role in our energy levels along with adrenal health. If you have adrenal issues, then your diet should avoid white sugar, white flour, and foods that can spike blood sugar levels, caffeine, and alcohol. These items can make you feel more fatigued as they can spike your sugar levels or your fight-or-flight response.

If you experience the symptoms we listed above, then you may want to speak to your doctor about having your adrenals checked. By implementing these tips, you may find that you feel less fatigued and more energized.

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