Summer Drinks That Aren’t So Bad for You

dietWhile alcohol might not be entirely recommended for anyone trying to lose weight, or who is participating in strict weight loss efforts there is still some good news. Well kind of.

Dieticians and healthcare practitioners might not be keen on recommending alcohol of any kind for a whole host of reasons, it is also true that some alcohol isn’t as bad as others.


Drinking Doesn’t Exactly Help You Lose Weight

So when you are planning your next summer barbeque or party, consider that it is possible to have a fresh summer cocktail or drink to beat the heat, without killing your diet plan in the process. Experts maintain that moderation is key, but a couple of cocktails made with garden fresh ingredients could be a decent addition, while you watch your weight.

Here are a few ingredients to consider while you try to stay trim and lose weight this summer:

Slicing them, or freezing them into the ice cubes in your next cocktail could pack some nutritional kick— there are simply so many possibilities for these fruits. They are commonly found in cocktails, but not in their raw forms. Steer clear of berry “juices” as they can be packed with sugar.

Anything Citrus
Berries might be the most common addition to cocktails, but consider the varied health benefits of citrus fruit as well. – Citrus fruits (lemons, limes and oranges) are commonly used as a garnish, but don’t be afraid to have the bartender, or BBQ host add the nutritious vitamin packed fruits right to the drink itself.


Fruits and Vegetables are Great on Their Own For Weight Loss – But in a Drink?

Orange Vegetables
While it might not be the most common, you might be surprised to find vegetables in the occasional drink recipe as well as fruits. Carrots are likely the natural choice, as they still have loads of nutritional value when they are blended up. Beta carotene, which is found in many orange vegetables, is also found in many orange fruits as well.  Some examples include peaches, apricots, and even certain kinds of melon.
Garden Herbs
One of the most versatile herbs that comes to mind is mint. However, there is other herbs that can be found in a regular backyard garden that have nutritional value and can add some kick to your next cocktail, too. Try basil, rosemary, cilantro for something a little different

Another great idea for your when you are sipping by the pool is cucumber. It is cooling and refreshing and adds some nutrition and color to a variety of drinks, even the non-alcoholic ones (tea and lemonade are a good alternative)