Spark your libido with these 6 fixes

LibidoHas your libido taken a downward spiral since you’ve become older? Has your active sex life become a thing of the past? If sex used to be a regular part of your relationship but now seems like a distant memory, don’t despair – there are easy ways to reignite that spark and bring sex back into your life once again.

Sex has been shown to offer numerous health benefits. It can help boost your immune system, improve heart health, lower blood pressure, offer pain relief, keep your muscles toned, improve sleep, reduce stress, improve bladder control in women, and, above all, create intimacy in your relationship. With all that in mind, wouldn’t you want to keep sex part of your routine?


The below tips can help you revive your libido and have more sex in your life.

6 tips to revive your libido

Have sex more often: Frequent sex can actually boost your libido, which in turn will make you want to have more of it. Of course, not every time has to be fireworks, but any level of sexual intimacy is enough to make you look forward to the next time you have some action between the sheets.

Change your scenery: Having sex in your bedroom all the time can get boring. Why not choose another room in your house to have sex to bring back the excitement. Better yet, book a hotel room for a complete change of scenery – and then you don’t have to worry about making the bed afterwards!

Watch TV together: Ever heard the expression, “Netflix and chill”? It basically refers to watching TV and then getting busy. Watching a show with your partner, especially if there are sex scenes in it, can be enough to get the spark going and prompt both of you to follow suit.

Create anticipation: Try sending your partner some suggestive messages throughout the day, maybe expressing how much you want them or how you can’t wait to see them. This can really get the engines fired up, and the anticipation can lead to some seriously hot sex.


Be vocal: Maybe your partner doesn’t know or understand your needs, or maybe you don’t know theirs. Sometimes, it’s about being vocal about what you want and how you want it. Taking the time to have a conversation about is a great way to help each other understand what each of you wants and needs. Not to mention, open talk makes the experience so much more intimate.

Spend time apart: As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. If you and your partner are together all the time, you may start taking each other for granted. Why not go away for the weekend? Even try to limit conversations to really start missing one another. When you return, your partner just won’t be able to keep their hands off you.

Experimenting with some of these tips can help you reignite that old flame and keep you and your partner busy – and healthy – every night.


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