Snoring is No Laughing Matter

snoring sleep problemsFor some people, snoring simply pertains to that noisy way of sleeping that often wakes up another person sleeping next to him or her. Snoring may sometimes turn into one of the major sleep problems that may affect the quality of rest one gets each night, prompting the use of natural sleep aids as treatment to prevent this annoying sound. According to a recent medical report, sleep problems that involve snoring may be an indication of a more serious medical condition that is related to an abnormality in the functioning of specific components of the cardiovascular system. It may also be possible that natural sleep aids may decrease the development of underlying diseases related to snoring.

The medical report published in BMC Pulmonary Medicine showed that sleep problems such as snoring may represent a way for the body to compensate for the amount of stress that is experienced by cells of the heart, arteries, and veins. Also known as oxidative stress, this cellular condition may increase the chances of developing problems in breathing, as well as in the delivery of oxygen to the brain and the heart. It is thus important to determine whether sleep problems related to snoring and oxidative stress are indeed occurring in a patient in order to give natural sleep aids as treatment that may decrease snoring and possibly, the development of cardiovascular diseases.


The study on sleep problems and its relationship with cardiovascular disease was conducted through the participation of approximately 138 patients who have been positively determined to experience sleep problems such as snoring. These individuals were asked to sleep within the research area and were monitored using polysomnography, a technique that records brain and eye waves as indicators of actual sleep problems. The results of the polysomnogram are generally used to design a treatment scheme for sleep problems, including the prescription of natural sleep aids.

The study participants were also subjected to a series of blood and urinary tests, which determined specific levels of proteins that are strongly associated with cardiovascular disease, oxidative stress, and other abnormalities of the blood vessels. Any correlations observed from the study were then further analyzed in terms of sleep problems and the effectiveness of natural sleep aids as treatment to prevent the development of more serious heart problems.

Cellular Damage and Sleep Problems

The results of the study showed that the level of the protein NOX2 in the participants with sleep problems such as snoring were higher, thus suggesting the occurrence of cellular damage to the blood vessels of various parts of the body, including the heart and the brain. A higher level of NOX2 may also indicate a greater risk for the development of a stroke, seizure, or a deterioration of the brain and thus this laboratory result may help in the design of a treatment or the application of natural sleep aids that may decrease the occurrence of snoring.

Interestingly, the research study also showed that snoring was also positively correlated with central obesity, thus suggesting the importance of weight loss as treatment for the metabolic disorders and natural sleep aids to decrease the incidence of snoring. It may also be possible that the direct treatment of obesity may lower the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases and the rate of improvement in snoring may be enhanced by the use of natural sleep aids.

The study also suggested the use of nasal airway pressure as treatment for snoring that is related to cardiovascular diseases. This treatment involves the use of a facial mask hooked to a ventilator that improves breathing, thus preventing the development of heart problems. This facial mask is generally used as treatment for more severe conditions of snoring and oxidative stress. For less severe conditions, natural sleep aids that decrease or prevent snoring may serve as ample treatment for sleep problems such as snoring.


The report may help readers in understanding that snoring may not simply reflect a poor position while sleeping and that the use of natural sleep aids may not only prevent the discomfort of discomfort but also decrease the risk for more serious medical conditions.

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