Snack Ideas for 100 Calories or Less

Snack Ideas for 100 Calories or LessExtra snacking while on a diet plan might not be the worst thing after all. The extra calories can end up being satisfying in ways that could even prevent higher fat snacking throughout the day. A little temptation might be possible, but giving into your food cravings without ruining your waistline can be tricky!

Barbara Whedon, R.D., a dietitian at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia says “Try thinking of snacks as foods eaten between meals rather than as treats or rewards”.


A list of snacks that fall onto the “safe” list could come in handy. But always remember to always double check the labels of your chosen foods for calories and to always keep to moderation.

20 olives for 68 calories
Not bad in addition to that glass of wine, and could help satisfy that salt craving.

14 almonds for 98 calories
A perfect snack as it contains heart protective monounsaturated fats and small amounts of vitamin b.

An apple for 100 calories
Apples are rich in soluble fibre which helps maintain cholesterol levels.

1 mini vegetable samosa for 70 calories
Will count towards your 5 a day and the reasonable levels of carbs in the pastry will help lift you from the mid-day slump

10 salted peanuts for 74 calories
Nuts are high in calories, but as a ‘Low GI’ food they release their energy slowly, so a small amount will keep hunger pangs at bay.


3 celery sticks stuffed with cottage cheese for 75 calories
Celery may seem like boring diet food, but filled with soft cottage cheese it makes a great treat.

According to a report in USDA Agriculture Research Service, North Americans eat twice the number of daily snacks as they used to. A whopping 90% of us eat between meals. So lists like this one become especially important as over-snacking can take our bodies down a slippery slope of calories. Some easy to follow advice in favor of eating between meals might be helpful to help keep you on track and stop the numbers on the scale from sneaking up on you.

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