Are You Skipping out on These Crucial Exercises?

eye exercisesWhen you think about exercise, what comes to mind is probably aerobics or weight lifting. Indeed, it’s important to work your entire body, but there are specific exercises you could be neglecting that are hurting your health.

Just like your legs, arms, or core, you need to exercise your eyes to maintain sharp vision.


But how can you exercise your eyes? Well, we have a few exercises you can perform that can help maintain eye health.

Dr. Lindsay Berry explained, “Most people spend a majority of their day on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and looking at a near target (within about 16 inches) for long periods of time can put a lot of added stress on your eyes. Just as you would stretch before and after exercising, it is helpful to stretch the eyes before and after a long day at work.”

Eye exercises have been found to improve eye strain, improve a person’s natural blind spots, and it may delay future vision problems in children.

One simple exercise is known as the 20-20-20 rule. To do this, remember that for every 20 minutes of looking at a single object, you need to change your gaze to something that is 20 ft away for at least 20 seconds. This can help reduce eye strain and help you regain focus, which can be lost after prolonged staring, especially when at a desk.

Another eye stretch is done by placing your fingers in a steeple position and holding them a foot away from your eyes. Keep your head still and move your fingers as far left as possible and follow them with your eyes. Hold this for five seconds. Repeat this on the right side a few times a day.

To improve focus, sit comfortably and read text six inches away from your face, and then read something 10 feet away. Stare at the further object for at least five seconds. Then switch your focus to the closer object for five seconds. Take note of how quickly your eyes are focusing on either object.


Lastly, you can perform eye “push-ups” with the help of a pencil. Hold a pencil at arm’s length and slowly bring it closer to your nose. Make sure you’re only seeing one pencil. If it appears as two while you’re bringing it closer, stop moving the pencil and refocus so that it appears singular again and proceed to bring it closer to your nose.

By performing these exercises, you can keep your eyes strong, focus sharp, and strain to a minimum.



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