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Simple Trick Adds Years to Your Life

New research findings suggest that the simplest way to add years to your life is by picking up the pace when you walk. The study found that a walking pace of three to 4.3 miles per hour reduced the risk of early death by 20 percent over the course of 15 years.

The researcher’s main goal was to determine whether walking pace played a role in mortality, cardiovascular disease, and cancer risk. They examined 11 different studies that recorded over 50,200 participants whose walking pace was tracked.

The findings uncovered that average pace walkers reduced their risk of mortality by one-fifth but those with an increased walking pace reduced their mortality risk by nearly a quarter.

Study lead author Emmanuel Stamatakis explained, “Assuming our results reflect cause and effect, these analyses suggest increasing walking pace may be a straightforward way to improve heart health and risk for premature mortality – a simple message for public health campaigns to promote.”

Additionally, the study uncovered that the older the individual, the greater the effect that increased walking pace had. Adults over the age of 60 experienced the greatest benefits by greatly reducing their risk of death due to heart disease.

Increasing your walking speed is an easy way to improve longevity and heart health and isn’t time-consuming. In fact, it cuts down the time you take to walk.

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