Popcorn – The New Super Food

good healthCancer generally pertains to a multi-step process that is initialized by damage to the genetic material or DNA of cells.  Every cell in the body has the capacity to repair DNA damage, yet continuous molecular insults often result in major changes in cellular activities, including triggering abnormal cellular division.  Cancer thus involves the uncontrolled division of cells that are not expected to undergo further growth and expansion.

Fruits and Vegetables for Immune Health

In order to reduce the risk of cancer, health professionals often recommend eating healthy meals, which are rich in antioxidants which can, in turn, combat DNA damage in cells.  Healthy meals consisting of fruits and vegetables are shown to benefit the immune system as well.


Recent reports showed that ten different corn breeds contained varied amounts of antioxidants, but all breeds had showed potential for their antioxidant properties.  Further analysis of specific antioxidants showed that corn helped in scavenging free radicals, or highly charged molecules that could induce breakages in DNA that drive abnormal cell growth.

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The Effect on Cancer Cells

Another interesting fact presented in the report was that the darker colored corn kernels, especially those with light blue coloration, contained higher levels of antioxidants and other nutrients, which could be even more promising with further research.

In another recent report published in the International Journal of Molecular Science, phytochemicals extracted from corncobs were shown to support healthy cell growth and division. The corncobs contain the highest levels of antioxidants, as compared to other parts of the corn, such as the kernels and the husk.  The popcorn that we usually enjoy while watching TV contains the hull, which is the part of the kernel that connects to the cob, and these also contain high levels of antioxidants.  The hull is that part of the popcorn that usually gets stuck between your teeth.  Isn’t it interesting to know that this least enjoyable part of popcorn can be so useful for good health.

The reports indicate that the steps towards overall good health may not be so complicated, especially if we include grains, fruits, and vegetables containing antioxidants in our daily diet.  These natural food items are not only enjoyable and nutritious, but can also be great preventative measures for good health.  So next time to plan on watching a movie, help yourself with a serving or two of popcorn to give yourself a boost of antioxidants.