This one thing is hurting your libido

stress and sexThere are many factors that can hinder a couple’s sex life, including busy schedules, medical conditions, and relationship problems. But there is another large contributing factor that may be wreaking havoc on your libido and taking a negative toll on your overall health.

We all live with some level of stress. In some cases, the stress is minor and temporary. But sometimes, the stress can be chronic, something that people live with day in and day out. The negative health effects of stress are endless, from raising blood pressure to altering breathing to causing digestive problems, so it should be of no surprise that stress can also give your libido a hit.

Stress hinders your sex life


A random phone survey was carried out that involved Americans aged 18 to 65. The 1,000 respondents were asked what hurts their sex life the most. The number one response given by respondents was stress. Other factors were kids, work, health problems, boredom, money problems, and inexperience.

In neuroscientist Robert M. Sapolsky’s book about the effects of stress, Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers, he says, “Stress disrupts female libido. This is a commonplace experience among women stressed by any of a number of circumstances.”

But women aren’t the only ones who are impacted by stress when it comes to their libido. Men also take quite the hit. Research has shown that when men are stressed, their testosterone levels drop, and testosterone is crucial to the male sex drive.
Stress can also negatively impact male sexual performance, as it can contribute to impotence, premature ejaculation, or erection problems.

With so many sexual issues linked to stress, this just furthers the notion that we all need to unwind and de-stress. The good news is that sex is a great natural stress reliever.

So, if you’ve noticed that your libido has taken a hit and there isn’t a medical explanation for it, you could be under too much stress. Finding safe ways to release that stress—as mentioned, we suggest having sex—will not only kick your sex drive back into action, but you will probably notice improvements in your overall health, too.

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