Natural Remedies to Boost Your Bedroom Performance

Remedies to Boost Your Bedroom PerformanceErectile dysfunction isn’t the most common topic of discussion, but the fact of the matter is that between 15 to 30 million American men live with ED daily. Worse yet, the risk of ED increases with age.

Dr. Neil Baum explained, “If men are honest, every one of them will tell you they’ve experienced impotence at least one time in their lives. Not every intimate encounter is a ‘10.’ It can be devastating when ED occurs. A man’s whole concept of his masculinity may be undermined.”


There are many reasons for ED to occur including psychological causes, lifestyle habits, medical conditions, injuries, and even medications.

Here are some tips that can help you improve your bedroom performance.

Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Take your time: With age, it could take longer to obtain an erection. By recognizing that you need more time rather than becoming frustrated, you can achieve an erection.

Look at your medication: As mentioned, medication may be the cause of your erectile dysfunction. If you suspect your medication is to blame, speak to your doctor about other options available to you. Common medications that can contribute to ED include diuretics, heart medications, sedatives, and antidepressants.

Ease up on the alcohol: A small amount of alcohol can put you in the mood, but cross that fine line and you’ll be left limp. Alcohol prevents a healthy blood flow from reaching the penis, which is necessary to obtain an erection. Furthermore, feelings and sensations become weaker, making sex less enjoyable.

Keep your arteries healthy: In order to get an erection, you need a healthy blood supply to reach the penis. If blood flow is limited, then your erection will be weak or non-existant. High cholesterol, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure can all contribute to erectile dysfunction. Managing these conditions can help improve ED.

Stop smoking: Another big factor that limits blood flow is smoking, as is constricts the blood vessels.

Lose weight: Overweight men are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. So shedding a few pounds can help improve your erections. Along with dropping a few pounds, losing weight can also boost confidence which can improve libido too.

Don’t ride bikes often: Sitting on a narrow seat for prolonged periods of time puts unnecessary pressure between the legs, which can limit blood flow to the penis. Numbness can be the result and erectile dysfunction may ensue for the next 24 hours.

Have more sex: Finnish researchers found that the more men had sex, the less likely they were to develop erectile dysfunction.
Relax: The more stressed you are, the more likely you are going to suffer in the bedroom. Stress hormones can limit your ability to obtain an erection as it pulls blood away from the penis and to the muscles due to the ‘fight or flight’ response. Finding ways to relax and de-stress can help ease erectile dysfunction.

Avoid stimulants: Sure, coffee may keep you awake, but a cup of Joe before sex can constrict the smooth muscle that requires relaxation prior to an erection.


Eat more watermelon: Phytonutrients in watermelons have been shown to have a Viagra-like effect. These phytonutrients help relax blood vessels, which can improve heart health and the circulatory system.

Many cases of erectile dysfunction can be treated. The key is to be open with your doctor so you two can work together to find the best solution to combat the cause of your erectile dysfunction.

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