Natural remedies and foods for erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction (ED) affects up to 30 million American men; however, there are natural remedies for erectile dysfunction as well as foods that can be considered during treatment.

ED is another way of saying impotent. It is a diagnosis that occurs when a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection. If someone experiences reduced sexual desire and difficulty with erections for more than a few weeks or months, it could be ED.


While there are various prescription medications and even surgical procedures to treat erectile dysfunction, research shows that natural remedies for erectile dysfunction can be sufficient.

Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can occur for various reasons. A health condition, an emotional or relationship problem, a certain medication, smoking, drugs, and alcohol all have the potential to cause ED. Some people want a quick fix, so they rush to their doctor hoping to get medication, not knowing that there are natural home remedies for erectile dysfunction.

Studies, including one published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2014, suggests that some men can reverse ED with simple lifestyle adjustments.

Let’s take a look at some of the best natural remedies for erectile dysfunction:

Healthy diet

Eating more fruit, vegetables, fish, and less red meat and refined grains can decrease the risk of ED. Maintaining a healthy weight is also important, since men who have a waist that is 42-inches or more are 50 percent more likely to get erectile dysfunction. Obesity increases the risk of vascular disease and diabetes, which are known to contribute to ED.


Testosterone levels are said to improve with sleep. Research suggests that hormone secretion is controlled by the body’s internal clock, so sticking to a set sleep schedule is one of the all-natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.

Quit smoking

Stopping smoking can sometimes be an ED remedy. This is particularly effective when the condition is related to vascular disease. With vascular disease, blood supply to the penis becomes restricted due to a blockage or narrowing of arteries. Smoking can cause narrowing of blood vessels.

Limit alcohol

Heavy alcohol consumption can depress the central nervous system, causing it to function less efficiently. This can essentially lead to erectile dysfunction. Alcohol has been known to cause both temporary and long-term ED.

Try acupuncture

Research is ongoing, but one 2013 study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that acupuncture can be beneficial for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, especially for those who are suffering ED as a side effect of taking antidepressants.

Start walking

Studies show that just 30 minutes of walking each day can be beneficial to those fighting ED. One Harvard study linked 30 minutes of walking per day with a 41 percent drop in the risk of erectile dysfunction. Some research shows that moderate exercise can help restore sexual performance in men who are middle-aged, obese, and have been diagnosed with ED.

Monitor vascular health

Check with your doctor to make sure your vascular system, including your heart, brain, and penis are functioning properly. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and high triglycerides can damage arteries.

Strengthen pelvis

A strong pelvic floor can enhance rigidity during erection and helps keep blood from leaving the penis. Your doctor can guide you towards specific exercises.

Since each case of erectile dysfunction is different depending on the cause, we can’t say what the best natural remedy for erectile dysfunction might be for you. But if you have been diagnosed with ED, the list outlined above at least gives you a sense of the most common natural approaches.

Foods for erectile dysfunction

Men may want to know how to cure ED fast. However, like many health conditions, it can take some time to find the right remedy. Many men find that erectile dysfunction foods are enough to treat their condition.

Here are some of the best foods to eat for erectile dysfunction:


This refreshing fruit happens to have a compound that contains effects resembling erectile dysfunction medications that impact blood vessels. While it is true that watermelon is mostly water, it is also packed with lycopene, which is an antioxidant that is good for the heart, skin, and prostate.


This shellfish is known to boost testosterone levels—hence its aphrodisiac status. Oysters are one of the best foods for erectile dysfunction, but make sure that they are cooked properly before you eat them.


It may sound odd, but coffee is one of the better foods for erectile dysfunction. One study suggests that men who drink two to three cups of caffeine a day are less likely to have ED. The theory is that caffeine helps increase blood flow, so anything that has caffeine in it would fit into the category of foods to eat for erectile dysfunction.

Dark chocolate

While it has caffeine in it, dark chocolate also contains flavonols that can lower blood pressure. It also increases the bodies output of nitric oxide, which helps with erections.


Walnuts have an amino acid in them that the human body uses to make nitric oxide. They are also a good source of vitamin E, folic acid, and fiber. Pistachios have also been suggested as a food for ED. You do have to be careful about how many nuts you consume because they are high in calories.


Some juices are also good for ED. For example, nutrients in Concord grape juice can increase the amount of nitric oxide in the body. You can also try pomegranate juice.


Including garlic in a diet may help keep the arteries healthy. Healthy arteries promote blood flow, including to the penis.


Salmon and other fatty fish are sources of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The acids help boost nitric oxide. Sardines, fresh albacore tuna, and mackerel are other good fish options.


Because they are a nitric-oxide booster, greens should be included in the diet if you suffer from ED. Most people should be consuming them anyway since they are full of vitamins and minerals. One good example is kale.


You can spice up your love life by adding a spicy food to your diet. Chili peppers, jalapenos, and habaneros have a substance that creates heat and relaxes the arteries to the point where it can help blood flow to the organs, including the penis. Chilies are also known to lower blood pressure too.

Olive oil

This is a good food for erectile dysfunction because it helps your body make more testosterone. It is best to consume extra-virgin olive oil, which preserves the healthy antioxidants.

Just as there are foods that are good to consume when you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, there are foods to avoid too. There are three categories of foods you need to avoid if you want to prevent or treat ED.

Processed Foods tend to have fat, salt, and sugar added to them, as well as preservatives and other chemical additives that can be harmful to your health. Processed foods include frozen foods, canned foods, processed meats, and many snack foods. Some research links eating processed foods to depression, which is something that can cause erectile dysfunction.

Fried foods, such as French fries, fried chicken, and doughnuts can clog and harden arteries, which can result in erectile dysfunction. When the small arteries that supply blood to the penis are narrowed due to clogging, it can prevent an erection. Avoiding fried foods and choosing baked is best.


Fast food may be quick and convenient, but it is high in fat and calories. As we have established, weight can be a contributor to ED. Obesity has been associated with difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection, so avoid those fast food outlets as much as you can.

Erectile dysfunction can be both frightening and frustrating. While there may not be an immediate fix, sufferers should take comfort in knowing that there are multiple options when it comes to treatment—and in many cases, natural remedies can make a difference.

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