National Sleep Awareness Week: Essential oils for sleep, sleep and the heart, sleeping on the floor

10 tricks to improve your sleepToday marks the first day of National Sleep Awareness Week, during which the National Sleep Foundation aims to educate the public on the importance of sleep. We at Bel Marra are united in this effort, as we greatly value the benefits that sleep provides and have gone through the trouble of bringing you the best articles on the subject. Here you will find information on the relationship between sleep and the heart, how sleeping on the floor may be good for you, and a list of essential oils for sleep.

10 tricks to improve your sleep

Sleeping problems can be incredibly frustrating. If a sleepless night occurs once in a while, you will be okay, but if you’re not getting enough sleep every single night, it can really affect your health.


There are many reasons for poor sleep, including stress, health conditions, and even uncomfortable mattresses or hot temperatures in the bedroom.
If you’re tired of being tired and are finally ready to improve your sleep, the following 10 tricks can definitely help you get there. Continue reading…

Essential oils for sleep: 9 ways to get the best sleep everEssential oils for sleep: 9 ways to get the best sleep ever

If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, then essential oils for sleep may be what you need. Essential oils have grown in popularity as a natural treatment for many ailments, including pain relief, reducing stress and anxiety, and even aiding in sleep.

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years and are oils that have been extracted from botanicals. These are highly concentrated and are a pure form of the oils. Due to the process of extracting such oils and the limited quantity that is extracted from each botanical, essential oils can be quite pricey.

Sleep problems are on the rise, and although a person can easily take a medication to improve their sleep, they are often habit forming and addictive. Instead, essential oils offer a more natural and less addictive way to promote sleep and relaxation. Continue reading…

Simple yoga exercises for restful sleepSimple yoga exercises for restful sleep

Lying in bed wide awake is no fun for anybody, especially when we have a full day the next morning. Often, when we don’t get a restful night’s sleep, we feel grumpy and restless the next day. Besides restlessness, people who suffer from insomnia are much more likely to experience health problems such as anxiety, depression, diabetes, and congestive heart failure, according to recent research.

Usually, after a long day at work, the last thing on our mind is to go to bed, as we would like some time to ourselves. This often leaves our minds in a state of constant activity, as we are putting in a conscious effort to stay awake, which may be augmented by stimulants such as energy drinks or coffee. However, when it finally comes time for bed, our minds still tend to race, as it is in a perpetual state of activity leading us to lay wide-awake in bed wasting precious hours of potential sleep. But perhaps a little bit of exercise in the form of yoga is all we need to put our minds at ease and accelerate the initiation of slumber, as recommended by yoga instructor Rachelle Wintzen. Continue reading…

Sleep and the heart: Not enough or too much sleep affects your heartSleep and the heart: Not enough or too much sleep affects your heart

Highly demanding jobs often result in intense stress that may affect an individual’s mental health and capacity for sleep. For some people, the use of natural sleep aids may help alleviate the symptoms of stress and other mental health conditions attributable to difficult jobs, whereas for others, high-stress levels at work may destroy one’s quality of life.


According to a recent study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, a lack of sleep due to stress may not only result in poor mental health, but also in cardiovascular problems. Continue reading…

How sleeping on the floor can be healthyHow sleeping on the floor can be healthy

It may sound strange, but sleeping on the floor may actually improve your health and alleviate back pain. The hard surface of the floor can provide your spine with a level of support it can’t get from a soft mattress, but to reap the benefits, it must be done right.

Continue reading to learn about the potential health benefits that come with sleeping on the floor as well as how to do it properly, and tips for adjusting your sleep posture to relieve lower back pain. Continue reading…


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