This may be the ultimate key to a long, healthy life

longevityWhat does it take to live forever? Is it a special herbal concoction? A wonder fruit? The breakfast of a champion? There are many ways to extend our life, both in terms of the number of years lived and the quality of those years. Some swear by a healthy lifestyle or a vegan diet, while others claim that it’s all about correct supplementation. But the truth is, there are some people who enter their 80s and 90s in good health without doing anything special.

Staying busy keeps you healthier and extends your life span.


One of those people is a Canadian woman named Sophia Hardman. One of the oldest living residents of the province of Saskatchewan, Hardman recently celebrated her 107th birthday at the seniors’ home where she resides.

Hardman married her late husband Lawrence in 1931. Together, the couple had two sons. One of them, Bernard, passed away in 2011. The other son Rodger, aged 77, was present at the birthday festivities.

How to live into your 100s

The remarkable old lady took care of herself until becoming a centenarian in 2010, when she moved into the seniors’ home. So, what do you need do to become a centenarian? For Hardman, the answer was pretty obvious. “I’m never bored… I always keep myself busy”, she said.
Come to think of it, it all makes perfect sense. Life is meaningless without a purpose. We subconsciously tap into the hidden resources of our body when there’s still something for us to accomplish. In biological terms, it all comes down to taking care of offspring. But even after the kids have left home, staying busy and enjoying a vibrant life is of utmost importance for seniors’ physical and mental health.

So, if you find yourself bored, make a bucket list and embark on the exciting journey of checking the items off. Now is a perfect time to try things you didn’t have time for before or to see places you’ve always dreamt of visiting. Learn to love your life and live it to the fullest.

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