Maximize Your Workout

Maximize Your WorkoutYou’ve taken the first step to a healthier lifestyle….you’ve started working out. Good for you! Use some of the tips mentioned here to burn more calories, lose more weight and build more muscle while you’re working out!

1. Start your day off right – with a nutritious breakfast low in calories

Eat a calorie-rich breakfast that will help to increase your blood sugar levels. If you attempt to exercise with low blood sugar, your body will not have enough energy to burn calories for weight loss and will not be able to build muscle.

2. If you’re heading to a gym, plan your exercise routine before you get there

When you first head into an exercise facility, all of the equipment options can be overwhelming. An easy solution to this is to head to the gym with an exercise plan in hand. By working out with a plan, you won’t waste precious time wandering around the gym aimlessly, not knowing what machine to hop on next. If you need to, meet with a personal trainer to discuss your work-out goals and they will help you to develop an effective exercise plan. Many gyms offer this when you first sign up for a membership. Even if you have to pay a small amount to work with a personal trainer in the beginning, it will be worth it in the long run as you will see results faster (and burn more calories!)

3. Focus on working out

Leave your cell phone, magazine, book or anything else that may distract you at home, in your car or in your gym bag. Listen to some motivating music and focus on the task at hand….burning calories by intensely working out. If you’re on a cardio machine that shows your stats, keep an eye on them. Watch your heart race, your pace, the number of calories that you’re burning and adjust your intensity accordingly. Also, watch your form, especially when weight lifting. Doing exercises incorrectly is a waste of time and you can actually hurt yourself. Watching yourself in a mirror will allow you to tweak your form so that it is perfect. Again, if needed consult with a personal trainer.

4. Keep hydrated

While working out, be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. This will help to maximize your workout because water helps to move nutrients through your body and helps to clear out waste products from the cells. Toxins will be eliminated from your body in the form of sweat when you exercise. Be sure to hydrate yourself before, during and after working out.

5. Change up your exercise plan up from time to time

The most effective way of working out revolves around changing up your exercise routine from day to day. Your body will get used to your routine over time, so it’s best to change it up. Alternating body parts on different days is a simple way to do this. Or, try a new exercise machine that will trick your muscles by making them work in a slightly new way. This technique will also prevent you from getting bored with your exercise routine.

6. Train multiple muscle groups at the same time

If you want to burn more calories, try training multiple muscle groups at the same time. For instance, while doing lunges or squats hold on to hand weights. This will engage not only your leg muscles, but will also engage your arm muscles. Another example is using free weights to perform biceps curls or triceps extensions while sitting on a stability ball. This engages your core muscles as well as your arm muscles, which allows your body to burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

7. Cardio first, weight training second

Your metabolic rate will increase for about 1-2 hours after you exercise. If you lift weights after you do cardio you will increase the number of calories you burn and increase your muscle gain.

Follow the tips above to have the most effective workout possible. Above all, remember, working out shouldn’t be stressful, get out there and have some fun.