Lower Stress – Add Some Value to Your Day for Good Health

Stress and Anxiety relation on Your Good HealthWouldn’t you much rather spend time on hobbies, or with your friends and family? Do you always find yourself playing catch up? Chances are your “to-do” lists are totally out of control. There are steps you can take to get control over how you spend your spare time. Lessening the stress and anxiety over how you have to spend your time is important for overall good health. Not only this, but leading a more productive day can ultimately lead to better quality sleep, and lessened risk for insomnia.

Stress and Anxiety – Why Aren’t You Being Productive?

We are always looking for ways to make more productive use of the hours in the day.  Likely what you find yourself doing a lot is wasting time. So one of the first things you are going to want to do is eliminate the top ways that you feel you are wasting your time. Not surprisingly one of the things at the top of the list is television. Staggeringly, the average North American watches 5 hours of TV a day. Imagine all of the hobbies you could be partaking in with an extra 5 hours a day! Watching less TV, so that you free up a few precious hours can make a big difference when it comes to how you manage stress and anxiety levels, and your good health in general.


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Another thing you might consider doing to ensure you have a few extra hours in the day is to blend all of those trying errands into a single event, rather than taking a little bit of time every single day . You may not be realizing how much time and effort all those trips in the car are taking. Before you know it, that single trip that you took has managed to suck up several hours of your day. And if you divide that by Making several trips in the car to run errands wastes time and money. All of that extra running runs you out of precious time and also increases stress and anxiety levels a great deal by making you scatter brained and not keeping your good health in mind.

The Impact of Stress and Anxiety Levels on Your Good Health

Another thing that you might not have thought of but it could really impact your day is the amount of “stuff’ that you have. It might not have been something that you thought about as a away to reduce stress and anxiety, but keeping a simple, “within-your-means” lifestyle could really impact your good health, or lack thereof. If you find that you have a very large living space, you might have spend a whole lot of money to fill it. More stuff takes more money, and to get more money means more work. And not having the money for these possessions could lead to stress and anxiety, too.

While on the subject of “stuff” around the home, and how it is causing problems for you, you might want to consider lowering your stress by spending less time doing your household chores on weekends. Sparing yourself a little more time for chores during the evening hours (instead of watching TV for example) can make some extra time on your weekends to do the things you really enjoy. Turning a weekend into a “work-end” is never a good idea.

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