Laugh a Little to Keep Depression Away

laugh to reduce depressionAs you age life begins to get more serious, little by little as stress begins to pile on.  All of the little stresses begin to add up and your life may not only become stressful, it may become dull and boring.  This can lead to serious emotional and mental health issues including depression.  If you want to steer clear of depression, a health trend that you should explore is to add some fun to your life each and every day (even just a little!).  This will not only help keep depression symptoms away, but you will also start to experience the natural health benefits that fun and laughter can have.

Laugh…and Keep Depression Away!

Laughter is a wonderful natural health booster.  As we age, we tend to laugh less so adding a few more chuckles into your day will help you experience natural health benefits.  Research has shown that laughter can have many natural health benefits including:  reducing stress and anxiety (both of which can lead to depression), improving immune system function and possibly helping to prevent heart disease.  So how can you get in a few more laughs each day?  Watch a movie, a comedy of course! Or go to a comedy club and laugh through the performance. Or, perhaps you have a really funny friend that you should try spending some more time with and see if their laughter is contagious.  Laughter is one of the simplest ways to add a little fun into your life and keep depression symptoms away!

Change Up Your Routine to Boost Natural Health


If you always eat the same thing for breakfast, take the same route to work, eat the same thing for lunch, take the same route home, etc., your life can become boring…quickly. Try mixing things up a bit, try a new breakfast meal, change up your route to work and check out the different scenery. Or if you want to be slightly more adventurous try taking the bus or train to work which will provide you will a whole new experience.  Instead of taking a brown bagged lunch to work, try a new restaurant close by.  If you are always going home after work and plopping yourself on the couch for a night full of watching television, change that up too.  Go for a walk or meet a friend for coffee after work.  These little changes that you make every day will provide you will new experiences and challenges which will help to keep you inspired and healthy.

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Take a Dull Chore and Make it Fun

Whether it’s doing the dishes or vacuuming the floor, spice it up a bit.  Turn up the music and sing and dance while you work.  It will lighten up your mood and you’ll also experience the natural health benefits of physical activity too.

Be Adventurous

You don’t have to sail around the world to add adventure to your life.  Simply try something new – for example join a club (there are so many clubs out there…from book clubs to running clubs) or take a class (dance, yoga…anything that can benefit your natural health!).  Not only will you be trying a new activity, you will also be meeting new people who you may develop friendships with.


If you want to invest money into being adventurous, take a trip and explore an area or culture that you have never experienced. Meeting new people and trying foreign things may be just what you need to perk up your life and improve your natural health in hopes of keeping depression symptoms away.

Treat Yourself Once in a While to Keep Depression Symptoms at Bay

If you’re always putting your spouses’ or children’s needs and wants before your own, take a moment to indulge in something that you enjoy once in a while (you deserve a treat too!).  You don’t have to spend enormous amount of money. It can be anything from a pampered day at the spa to a “me” day where you have no obligations to anyone but yourself or a simple treat such as a sugary cupcake. Putting yourself first once in a while should be a health trend that you engage in once in a while to help increase your happiness which will help you to experience natural health benefits.

If you thought that adding fun into your life was going to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be, simple changes to your daily routine will make a big difference to your overall happiness.


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