Having High Cholesterol Puts You at Risk for This (It’s Not Heart Disease)

cholesterolTime and time again, we find that high cholesterol is bad for your health, but these conversations mainly focus on its negative effect on your heart. But did you know that high cholesterol is bad for your oral health too?

An association has long been seen between high cholesterol and a higher risk of gum disease. High cholesterol can lead to the destruction of the gums and surrounding areas. There have also been links discovered between fat in the blood and overall health along with weak gums and poor health. Lastly, there have been many studies that have shown people with high cholesterol have loose teeth as a result of weaker gums.


High cholesterol has also been associated with deep periodontal pockets, which can lead to the destruction of the surrounding bone along with the teeth.

It’s important that if you’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol that you work extra hard on protecting your oral health. This means visiting a dentist regularly and undergoing regular blood tests to monitor your cholesterol levels.

If you’re experiencing looser teeth as a result of high cholesterol, there are some options for you, including:

  • Regularly seeing the dentist so they can put in place treatments and practices to prevent disease progression along with removing excess bacteria
  • Regularly checking your cholesterol levels to ensure they are not rising, which can worsen your oral health
  • Periodontal flap surgery or splinting of the teeth
  • If teeth are beyond saving, then your dentist may recommend a safe removal of them along with prosthesis

Along with taking the necessary steps to prevent high cholesterol, such as eating well and regular exercise, ensure you’re taking care of your oral hygiene such as regular brushing and flossing along with bi-annual visits to the dentist.

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