Healthy Food and Other Halloween Candy Alternatives

candyOne of the top worst offenders when it comes to taking a shot at your good health could possibly be Halloween. Your kids and grandkids get excited for the very reason that you aren’t – Halloween candy is full of sugar, and the specialty junk food isn’t just hard on your figure (something that might not be of key important to the young ones in your life) but it is also hard on teeth and dental health, something that you and your kids could be paying for many years down the road.

But there is good news when it comes to this junk food, there are several alternatives that you can substitute that can do a serious kindness to the teeth, and that kids won’t think is a total drag. Junk food can be frightening to parents, but these safe and healthy alternatives to candy don’t have to be!

Junk Food Alternatives to Halloween Candy


Halloween Stickers and Temporary Tattoos

Not only are these ideas fun and inexpensive, they eliminate the need for healthy food alternatives totally, because they are themed, and non-edible. Kids love them, and they can help bring out some Halloween creativity, too

 Sugarless Gum and Candy, Too (after all it is healthy food!)

If you are looking for a treat to hand out, consider sugar free gum or candy. Most kids will see the bright colors and the exciting packaging and not know there is too much of a difference. This healthy food is obviously a lot easier on the teeth, and the sugar free nature will keep your kids sleeping through the night, too. An added benefit for any parent used to a child on a “sugar high” during the Halloween season.

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A Cheeky Idea – Toothbrush and Floss


For all of the other grown -ups who perhaps weren’t as conscientious around the Halloween season, consider eliminating the thought of healthy food vs. junk food altogether and take some preventative measures. Finding toothpaste (in fun flavors) and brightly colored toothbrushes can help stave off cavities and protect the teeth of your kids and grandkids, just in case they do get their hands on some of the sweet stuff behind your back.

Not as Much Fun, But a Healthy Food Worthy of a Mention – Dried Fruit

You may be shocked to know that not every child out there is a huge junk food fanatic, for the odd young person in your life there is options for the healthy food palate, too. Consider dried fruit like banana and apricot chips and dried pears, the only sugar found in this treat is natural sugar, and it packs nutritional value, and some kids might just find the junk food option to be a valuable choice, too.

You may have gone out on a Halloween shopping binge and noticed that the dollar value of junk food is rather high, so there is more than one benefit associated with handing out healthy food alternatives to the typical Halloween fare. So keeping your Halloween alternatives healthy, could also have the added benefit of being easy on your pocket book, too. It’s key not to be too restrictive when it comes to kids, but some of the above junk food alternatives could keep the smiles and health of the young people in your life in tact without taking too much fun out of it.