How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep during the Summer

summer sleepNo doubt that the weather is getting warmer, and although this allows us to enjoy being outdoors during the day, it can make sleeping quite uncomfortable. It’s difficult to sleep well when you’re hot and sweating. You find yourself tossing, turning, and feeling damp. And if this continues night after night, you could be losing out on quite a bit of quality sleep.

Temperature can have a large effect on your sleep because our bodies need to be cool in order to fall asleep. Ideally, your bedroom temperature should hover between 16 to 18 degrees Celsius (60 to 64 F).


It’s important that you take the necessary steps to try and get proper sleep during the summer months, even if may seem difficult due to the increase in temperature.

The following tips will help you improve your sleep as the temperature continues to climb over the next few months.

Tips to Sleep during the Hot Summer Nights

Open the windows: Having your bedroom windows open can help bring in a breeze at night. Leaving them open during the day may also be beneficial if it’s not too humid outside.

Keep your curtains closed during the day: Depending on which way your house is facing, you could have to deal with direct sunlight, which will heat up your home. Keeping your blinds or curtains closed can help keep out the sun.

Use a cold water bottle: Just as you use a hot water bottle in the winter, that same bottle can be filled with ice and cold water to keep you cool while you sleep.

Get a fan: A small isolating fan can be added to your bedroom to keep air circulating and provide a nice breeze to keep you cool.

Wear light cotton to bed: Wearing clothing made from cotton or other lightweight materials not only keeps you cool, but can absorb any perspiration.


Avoid caffeine or large meals before bed: Drinking alcohol or consuming a large meal prior to bed will leave you dehydrated and increase your body’s temperature throughout the night, leaving you feeling hot and uncomfortable.

Change your sheets: Like wearing lightweight PJs, you also want to change your sheets and duvet to a more breathable, lighter material. Scrap the heavy winter duvet for something that can keep you cooler like bamboo or cotton.



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