Exposed: Six biggest secrets to heathy living

Mature couple engaged in gardeningNo one enjoys being sick. You’re stuffed up, your head hurts, and you’re basically bound to your bed until recovery. This is why it’s so important to take part in healthy habits. But we’re not talking just about eating right and exercising – no, sir. There are other healthy habits you should make part of your daily regime in order to avoid common ailments. So here are the six secrets to healthy living that you need to know.

6 secrets to healthy living

Get proper sleep: When we sleep that’s when our bodies recharge so that we can stay healthy. Getting plenty of sleep – eight to 10 hours – can help your body get strong, so when a bug does come around you are in prime condition to fight it off. Some studies have found that people who only get five to six hours of sleep have a 30 percent higher risk of catching a cold. The risk lowers to 17 percent with seven hours of sleep. Therefore, do your best to get proper sleep every night.


Think mind over matter: Sometimes preventing illness is as simple as believing you won’t become sick. It may seem a little unconventional, but if you believe that you won’t get affected by the common virus, you may very well not get sick while everyone else is complaining about falling prey to pandemics. The mind is a powerful thing…

Control stress: When we are stressed, our cortisol levels increase, and when cortisol is high it begins to weaken our immune system. Finding effective ways to control and reduce stress can boost your immune system and ward off illness.
Practice good hygiene: Washing your hands after encounters with anything foreign – door handles, food, other people – can help eliminate germs that have the potential to invade the body and make you sick. If soap and water aren’t around, carry an antibacterial sanitizer for some quick disinfecting.

Work from home (when possible): If you’re commuting via public transit from home to the office, you are exposing yourself to lots of germs. If you can work from home, take that option, and you may find you’re sick less often.

Know when you need a break: In today’s society, we are constantly on the go. Amidst the incessant running around to complete errands, cooking, cleaning, attending to other responsibilities, you name it, taking a moment for yourself to power down can give your body a brief break instead of wearing it thin. Furthermore, if you suspect that you may be coming down with something, take that as a sign that you really need that break. Pushing yourself further, on the other hand, will have you feeling your worst.

If you stick by these tips and combine them with not smoking, eating well, and exercising regularly, you will end up with fewer sick days on your calendar.

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