Simple trick for increased bedroom performance

Exercise boosts bedroom performance, increases libidoEveryone is talking about exercise benefits, from your doctor to your friends and family. The trend in exercising has really grown in the last few years, and for a good reason. Exercise helps you lose weight, build and maintain muscle, and even improve cardiovascular and respiratory health – and that’s just the short list of benefits.

Better yet, with so many different varieties available, you can easily find a form of exercise you can do and even stick to, from yoga to weight lifting to Zumba, and even Pilates. No matter what your interest is, getting into an exercise program is fairly easy, and you’ll want to immediately join one – if you want to boost your bedroom performance.

Exercise boosts bedroom performance, increases libido


As mentioned, there is a nearly endless list of benefits when it comes to exercise, and one of those benefits is that it can greatly improve your libido along with your bedroom performance.

A survey conducted from Harris Interactive for Evenbrite found that one-third of Americans believe that training for a marathon boosts their bedroom performance. Not only does exercise help you lose weight, boosting self-confidence, but experts agree that regular exercise can improve bedroom performance as well.

Exercise increases the oxygenation of blood, which is beneficial for arousal. Furthermore, individuals who work out have better cardiovascular health, which improves blood flow to the genitals, allowing them to function properly. Lastly, exercise makes you feel good, and when you feel good, you’re more up to getting busy.

Additional benefits to exercise include strengthening the pelvic floor, helping to increase blood flow to that area. Women, similar to men, require blood flow to the genitals to become aroused and feel pleasure. The more blood flow there is, the better sex can be.

If the idea of strenuous exercise turns you off, there are numerous exercise options for you to choose from for all activity levels. If you are not currently exercising, you don’t want to jump in with two feet. Beginning slowly and gradually working your way up is the best.

Exercise can be as easy as practicing your balance and relaxing, like in yoga. And don’t be scared to lift a few weights! We’re not talking about 20 pounds in each hand – not at all – even light weight lifting is enough to get those feel-good endorphins racing through your body and helping to build muscle tone too. Building muscle provides additional benefits, like reducing fat in the body, and can help to make your body more stable, thus reducing the risk of falls and injury – which are a real threat to seniors.

Just remember – always speak to your doctor before you start exercising, and make sure that sex is safe for you as well. Specialists can offer guidance on appropriate exercises best suited for your needs.

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