The side effects of low libido you didn’t know about…

side effects of infrequent sexAs we age we find ourselves having less and less sex. This may seem like no big deal and you might believe the only thing you’re missing out on is sex. But did you know there are health side effects that come along with not having frequent sex?

It’s true – sex offers us many benefits, such as lowering our blood pressure, boosting our immune system and actually increasing our desire to have more sex. On the other hand, when we don’t have frequent sex it can cause changes to our health that you may not even have realized. Here are some common side effects of a low libido you probably don’t know.

stressed due to low libidoSide effects of infrequent sex


You become more anxious

Sex is an effective way to reduce stress, so if you abstain from it, you may find yourself more anxious and stressed out. One Scottish study found that those who went without sex had a harder time dealing with stressful situations compared to individuals who had frequent sex.

Your risk of getting sick goes up

risk of getting sick with infrequent sexAs mentioned, sex can boost your immune system, so when we go without sex our immune system can take a hit, increasing our risk of catching a cold or the flu. Researchers from the Wilkes University in Pennsylvania found that those who had sex up to twice a week saw a 30 percent boost in antibodies, which are your body’s first line of defense against illness. The findings were compared to individuals who did not have frequent sex.

Your mental health may suffer

Research published in Archives of Sexual Behavior found that the longer women went without sex, the more depressed they felt. But further analysis revealed that women whose sexual partners wore condoms also felt an increase in sadness. It turns out that male semen contains mood enhancing chemicals like melatonin, serotonin and oxytocin. The study concluded that unprotected sex could be a mood-enhancer for women. But do be cautious, unprotected sex can run its own risks.

Your relationship changes, for the worsemental health affected due to infrequent sex

Lack of sex in a relationship can cause some weirdness to occur. A sexless marriage can have an impact on a person’s self-esteem and decrease levels of oxytocin, which creates a feeling of bonding. Furthermore, it may create fear that your partner is looking elsewhere for sex.

Although it is normal to have sex-free periods within a relationship, it is an expression of intimacy, so if you and your partner have chosen to go sex-free, you will need to use other means of intimacy to maintain the relationship, such as holding hands, kidding and hugging.

If up until now you used age as an excuse to not have sex, reconsider. Sex can provide many health benefits and prevent health side effects that occur if you go without it. So why not re-light the flame this evening and give your health a boost?

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