Is this to blame for low energy?

The bizarre reason you’re always tired eczemaThere are numerous reasons as to why we feel tired or have low energy – poor sleep, health problems, diet or even your spouse snoring all night. Although reasons for low energy seem endless one thing is for sure feeling tired all the time can really take a toll on your daily life.

You may find yourself napping, not focusing and maybe even having some close-calls because your eyes begin to close behind the reason. Being chronically tired can have serious implications and be bad for your overall safety.


I’m sure you’ve tried plenty of solutions to combat your low energy like drinking more coffee, heading to bed earlier, and yet you still wake up tired. Well this is because you’re not targeting the root cause of your low energy and so you’re simply masking it.

Research has found a surprising cause for your low energy that you may have never of thought of, but it’s still important to consider.

Skin conditions like eczema can cause low energynatural-remedies-for-eczema

Researchers from Northwestern University collected data from 34,613 adults who were enrolled in the National Health Survey where they uncovered that individuals with skin conditions like eczema suffer from frequent low energy, insomnia and daytime sleepiness more so than the general population.

Not only does eczema prevent proper sleep thus leading to chronic low energy but poor sleep, in turn, worsens the skin condition by not allowing the skin to heal itself. Therefore it can seem like an endless circle of dread.

Eczema is a skin condition categorized by inflammation of the skin which causes redness, itchiness, oozing and crusting, changes in pigmentation and scaling skin. Eczema roughly affects nine to 30 percent of the American population and those living in drier climates and city dwellings are at a higher risk of developing it.

Experts advise if you want to get back to having a good nights rest it’s important you speak with your doctor or dermatologist to find suitable treatment options for your eczema. Moisturizing the skin prior to bed is a good option to reduce itchiness which may occur due to dry skin. For natural alternatives coconut oil and manuka honey are great options which are deep moisturizers along with having healing and soothing options.

Another factor which plays a role in the severity of eczema is stress and so it’s important to manage your stress levels. Not only does stress worsen eczema but it can contribute to poor sleep as well so it’s a dual-win by finding effective ways to de-stress. Yoga, meditation, exercise and breathing exercises are all de-stressing options you may want to try.

If you’ve been kept up at night by dry, itchy skin and are tired of simply being tired, speak to your doctor right away for effective treatment options and not only will your sleep improve but your skin condition will too.

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