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fish and memory lossStudies have shown that incorporating more fish into your diet can go a long way in slowing the decline of memory loss. The Alzheimer’s Association wrote on their website, “From the available evidence, it’s likely that eating fish could reduce your risk of age-related cognitive decline and improve other aspects of your health. There is good evidence that eating fish is good for your health. There have been reports that it may reduce the risk of developing dementia, especially when it’s eaten as part of a healthy diet.”

A study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease uncovered that fish consumption once or twice a week could help reduce a person’s risk of dementia. Lead researcher of the study Professor Daniel Amen from Amen Clinics explained, “This is very important research because it shows a correlation between lower omega-3 fatty acid levels and reduced brain blood flow to regions important for learning, memory, depression, and dementia.”


An alternative study uncovered that among those with the lowest fish consumption, they had the highest risk of dementia.

There is currently no cure for dementia so finding natural, effective ways of reducing one’s risk is important.

Aside from eating a healthy balanced diet to further reduce your risk of dementia and maintain your memories is by incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine. Many studies have highlighted the benefits of exercise on brain health, especially when it comes to preventing dementia.

Therefore, adhering to a healthy lifestyle, which includes incorporating fish into your diet, you can have greater success in reducing your risk of memory loss as you age.

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