3 Easy Ways to Boost This Critical Hormone

testosterone levelsTestosterone is a key hormone for men as it plays a role in libido, muscle building, strength, and all-around performance. But unfortunately, as with all things, it can decline as we age.

To recognize if your testosterone is on the decline, look out for the following symptoms:

  • Low libido
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Mood issues/irritability
  • Reduced muscle mass and strength
  • Increased body fat


Thankfully, there are natural steps you can take to boost your testosterone that don’t involve you ingesting anything gross. In fact, these simple lifestyle habits are easy to integrate into your daily life and can have a positive effect on your testosterone levels.

3 Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Lift weights: Lifting weights has been shown to naturally boost your testosterone levels. Engaging your muscles in a variety of ways can produce more growth hormones – one of which is testosterone. This means use a variety of machines along with free weights to give your testosterone a boost.

Reduce belly fat: The more fat you have, the higher the levels of the female hormone estrogen you’ll have, which can lower your testosterone levels. Even if you’re skinny elsewhere, being able to grab your belly is problematic for your testosterone levels. Finding ways to lose that ‘spare tire’ will go a long way in improving your testosterone.

Lower stress levels: When we’re stressed, the body releases cortisol, which depletes testosterone. Being in a chronic state of stress can significantly reduce your testosterone levels. Finding helpful ways to reduce stress like exercising, meditating or speaking to a professional can help reduce cortisol in the body along with boosting testosterone.


If you do not notice a difference in your symptoms after adding natural methods to your daily life, then you may have severely low levels and need to speak to your doctor about alternatives.

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