If You Have Diabetes, Make Sure You Control This (It’s Not Sugar)

diabetes and cholesterolIf you have diabetes, then it’s essential that you control your sugar levels. But there is another health concern that diabetics should aim to manage as well, that being cholesterol.

New guidelines were released during the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions, where doctors suggested that diabetics should be prescribed statins based on their age and other risk factors.


There is a connection between middle-aged diabetics and heart disease, but many people aren’t aware of this.

Chair of the guideline writing committee, Dr. Scott Grundy, explained, “It’s not new but it’s important. If you have diabetes, you have to work to get your cholesterol under control.”

The body is interconnected, so only managing diabetes puts your heart at a disadvantage. With cholesterol being such a significant influencer on heart disease, it’s crucial you manage this as well.

Risk factors for heart disease include smoking, hypertension, high blood sugar, family history, chronic kidney disease, and metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome encompasses conditions like high blood pressure, obesity, high blood sugar, and abnormal cholesterol levels.


Kim Ketter added, “Folks don’t understand how it can affect the body overall. t’s like a garden hose, and you have gunk and stuff inside of it accumulated over the years. You are going to have to turn up the pressure to get the same water through that hose. If all that mess is clogging the arteries, you have to turn up the pressure, and that means your heart is pumping harder.”

The new guidelines are recommended as a means to better protect the hearts of diabetics.

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