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pink noise memory and sleepYou’ve probably heard of white noise, which is a noise containing several different frequencies with equal intensities. Many people find that falling asleep to white noise helps them sleep throughout the night. In fact, manufacturers have developed specific machines to produce white noise to help people sleep.

But if you want to improve your sleep and memory, then the white noise isn’t enough. Instead, you need to utilize pink noise.

Pink noise improves sleep and memory


There are already apps available that produce pink noise to help people sleep, but what is the difference between pink and white noise? The main difference between the two is the frequencies. Pink noise is softer than white noise, comparable to that of a falling waterfall. The sound is more of a “shh.”

A new study suggests that not only does pink noise help promote sleep, but it can also improve memory too.

The researchers used experimental technology they created to produce short bursts of pink noise among seniors over the age of 60. Participants then completed a memory test the following day.

The researchers saw a nearly 30 percent increase in the number of words the seniors remembered the following day.
But how does pink noise improve memory? The researchers suggest that pink noise stimulates brain activity during sleep phases, which helps improve memory.

Pink noise isn’t just beneficial for seniors, previous research also found it can benefit younger adults too.

The researchers are now working on creating an at-home pink noise device similar to the white noise ones already available. The researchers are hopeful that their findings can help to improve memory among seniors and prevent age-related memory loss, which is a growing problem among the aging population.



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