Can raw onions boost your libido?

onions testosteroneTestosterone is an important male hormone responsible for libido, energy, strength, and weight regulation. When testosterone levels are low, it can result in low libido, weaker strength, weight gain, and low energy.

There are some natural remedies that can help you boost testosterone such as increasing your vitamin and mineral intake, losing weight, reducing your sugar intake, exercising, and reducing your stress. But there is a new craze on the internet that suggests eating raw onions could boost testosterone. But is it true?

Can eating raw onions boost testosterone levels?


The rumor of eating onions to boost testosterone is circulating the internet and has many men taking large bites out of onions. Some testers explained that it was a horrific experience, while others said taking a chunk out of am onion made them feel manly – but does this boost testosterone levels?

The bizarre trend originated from two inconclusive studies that showed that onion juice may boost testosterone levels. Some men are even consuming raw broccoli – obviously less smelly and easier to bite into – as it is believed to reduce estrogen levels. In general, eating onions and broccoli are good for you, but can they make you feel manlier?

Unfortunately, this trend is one that needs to come to a halt, because raw onions and raw broccoli won’t give you the boost of testosterone you’re looking for.

The studies that were cited were conducted on rats, and although some results found on rats may transfer to humans, this isn’t one of them. That’s because onion juice was injected directly into the rats’ stomach.


One study cited that the onion juice rats had sex faster along with a higher amount of sperm in their testes. Frankly, this doesn’t sound like outcomes that human males would want.

Therefore, not only will you not have boosted testosterone levels if you eat raw onions, but you will also smell really bad. Instead, just exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and reduce stress to boost your testosterone. If you’re really concerned about your levels, then speak to your doctor about what can be done.

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