How to bounce back from the holidays

post-holiday-fatigue-stressIt’s been almost a month since the holidays have come and gone, but you may still be feeling groggy, tired, and low. We are now approaching mid-winter, which means there’s still at least a month of little sunlight and cold weather to go – unless you live in Florida, of course. No wonder this gloomy weather and back-to-work stresses leave you feeling exhausted.

Tips to boost your energy levels

People who have more family commitments outside of work are usually hit the hardest by this post-holiday fatigue, which also affects their sleep time. Ashleigh Brown from the staffing company Robert Staff suggests, “Making sure that we know what our deadlines are, and that if we’re overcommitted we let someone know that we’re overcommitted. Also looking at if there are things outside of work [like an] outlet to express that.” Brown recommends that you avoid taking on more than you can handle and reduce your work availability. This means shutting off your e-mails at a certain point and not being available 24/7.


Another problem is, once the holidays are over, you don’t really have much to look forward to. The days are still short and you’re falling more and more into your routine – this can be very energy draining. For this reason, it’s important that you still plan something special. Be it a vacation, staycation, or even a night out, adding events to your social calendar can give you something to look forward to, which not only boosts energy levels but increases happiness levels, too.

It is also important that you take time out for yourself. When you are just going with the flow, it is easy to push your needs aside. This can trigger exhaustion and fatigue, so you may even feel that you lack any self-control. Taking brief moments throughout your day to focus on your own needs can help you recharge and boost energy once again. You can mediate, have some time alone over a cup of tea, or engage in any hobby that you like.
Lastly, set goals for yourself and create an action plan. Getting things done can be exhausting on its own, but when you have a plan, achieving your goals is much easier. These can be short-term or long-term goals, but the key is to devise a strategy to make them happen and set solid deadlines to hold yourself accountable. Working towards something that is important for you – big or small – can reduce fatigue and promote energy.

But the biggest energy booster of all is getting enough sleep. If you’re too busy, you aren’t sleeping well, and nothing is more important than some quality shut-eye.

Try these suggestions for a good boost of energy to keep you going until the spring comes!

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