Why It’s so Important to Control Bladder Problems

bladder and sexBladder issues alone can be a real nuisance. Leaks, urgency, and infections can all take a negative toll on your quality of life. And then you have the anxiety and fear of not making it to the bathroom or experiencing a leak in public. All of this is quite stressful.

But living with bladder issues can impact your life in another way that involves your sex life.


A recent study has found that those living with urinary incontinence may experience reduced arousal and sexual activity.

The study looked at data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA). Over the last year, 20 percent of women and seven percent of men reported sporadic urinary incontinence.

Aside from uncovering a link between urinary incontinence with lack of sexual activity and arousal, the researchers also found that urinary incontinence was linked to a greater risk of depression. They suspect that this link may be due to the fact that urinary incontinence can negatively impact a person’s quality of life due to the effects of urinary leaks, odors, anxiety, and embarrassment.

An alternative study that looked at bladder problems and sexual health stated that “women with UI were more likely to be sexually abstinent than continent women. Furthermore, women with UI showed less sexual desire, sexual comfort, and sexual satisfaction than their counterparts despite having a similar frequency of sexual activity.”

For the most part, many bladder problems can be treated and managed, yet thousands of sufferers continue to live their lives with bladder problems because they never speak to their doctor about their issues. By treating these problems, you not only gain back your sexual health, but you can work to improve your overall quality of life, which can reduce your risk of depression too.

The sooner you speak to your doctor about your bladder issues, the better the outcome can be. So, don’t hesitate to make that appointment with your doctor.

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Mohan Garikiparithi got his degree in medicine from Osmania University (University of Health Sciences). He practiced clinical medicine for over a decade before he shifted his focus to the field of health communications. During his active practice he served as the head of the Dept. of Microbiology in a diagnostic centre in India. On a three-year communications program in Germany, Mohan developed a keen interest in German Medicine (Homoeopathy), and other alternative systems of medicine. He now advocates treating different medical conditions without the use of traditional drugs. An ardent squash player, Mohan believes in the importance of fitness and wellness.



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