Beware of Mango Salmonella

fruitsDiets that are rich in healthy food including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables have been touted to provide good health benefits. However, recently there has been an outbreak of salmonella that has been traced back to mangoes that were grown in Mexico that are being consumed in the diets of people living in North America. This particular outbreak has sickened at least 105 people in 16 states in the United States. There have also been several cases linked to this outbreak in Canada. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the DNA fingerprinting pattern associated with the U.S. cases is the same as the pattern seen in the recalled mango cases in Canada.

What Fruits Are Affected?


Mangoes that have been sold under the Daniella brand name have been recalled by Splendid Products. The affected mangos were either sold as individual fruits or as a multi-pack of fruits with one of the following PLU numbers: 3114, 4051, 4311, 4584, or 4959. The recalled mangoes were sold at retail stores including: Costco, Save Mart Supermarkets, Food 4 Less, Ralph’s Topco stores, El Super, Kroger, Giant-Eagle, Stop & Shop, Aldi and some Whole Foods locations. The company states that other stores may have carried this recalled product. Mangoes that have these PLU numbers on their stickers and mangoes that don’t have a sticker should be thrown out as a precaution. The affected mangoes were sold in the U.S. between July 12, 2012 and August 29, 2012. It is important to remember that fruits that are contaminated with salmonella won’t look or smell bad so it is important to follow the recall and throw out fruits that may have been contaminated. It’s not worth getting sick; if you’re unsure if your mango has been affected, throw it out to be on the safe side.

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The salmonella strain that has affected these fruits is Salmonella Braenderup. Salmonella symptoms usually appear 12 to 72 hours after consuming the affected food in our diets. Symptoms of salmonella poisoning include diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramping. The symptoms of salmonella poisoning usually last from four days to a week. While most people recover fully on their own, some require hospitalization due to severe diarrhea. Additionally, if the salmonella bacteria escape the gut and gets into the bloodstream, serious complications can result and immediate treatment with antibiotics is necessary. If you have salmonella symptoms that are lingering, consult your medical professional.

Mangoes Are a Healthy Food

The recent outbreak of salmonella in mangoes has been addressed and the company has recalled the tainted fruits. Keep in mind that despite this recall, mangoes are a healthy food option and can be included in our diets to experience good health benefits. This healthy food contains various vitamins and minerals that provide many health benefits including:

– Vitamin A for helping promote eye health

– Vitamin C to maintain immune system function

– Tartaric acid, citric acid and malic acid to maintain an alkali reserve

– Soluble fiber to help prevent constipation

– Digestive enzymes to help with digestion


– Potassium to help maintain normal functioning of the heart.

– Magnesium to help support nerve and muscle functioning

Adding this healthy food into our diets shouldn’t be avoided because of this salmonella scare. The company has recalled the affected products. If you’re still concerned about the recall, just be sure to check the PLU number to ensure that it’s safe. Adding mangoes to salads, sandwiches, side dishes, etc. will add a bit of sweetness to our diets. Diets that contain mangoes will help to satisfy cravings for sweets while providing many health benefits.